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Newbie - Types of Visa etc, Please Read.


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Hi all


Have been ready through the forum for a while now but finally decided to join and ask my questions.


So here it goes,


I am currently an 18 year old full time student living in the UK studying Level 2 Motorcycle Mechanics, I also have a Level 1+2 Bricklaying qualification which as I can tell, both are what Aus is looking for.


I am also self employed, as I run a growing Motorcycle Graphics Business online.


My dream is to be in Aus, working and living but this is where I'm stuck. I'm trying to work out the best way to do it visa-wise etc. I am in the position that I can leave the business up and running here in the UK and I would like to setup another 'branch' in Aus where I'd like to live. I have family over there (cousins, uncles etc) and I will be able to stay in Sydney at minimum costs with a close family friend. I have all the funds needed but obviously would like to keep costs down to a minimum! I will be 19 in June 2014 if that helps. I'd love to be able to do what I'd like, as not many people can say they've setup two business' in two different countries by the age of 19/20!


I know that I can go over for two years on a WHV providing that I do 88 days work in year one but I'm wondering that if I do that, could I setup my business and also what happens when the WHV expires? Could I return ASAP or do I have to wait a certain amount of time?


Is there a visa which would allow me to enter and start my business which is not a WHV and also stay for a long time? Do my qualifications help? If anyone could tell me how it works, it would be much appreciated!


I have probably forgot something important but hey ho!


Cheers in advance!

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Well done on getting a business going so young!


At the moment however i dont think you would qualify for any visa other than a WHV. Normally for trade skills you need a qualifacation about the same as a apprentership and then a number of years post qualified experience. It is for this reason that it is normally impossible for a person to qualify at your age

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