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Had a moment last night of pure joy


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I have been a nomad my entire adult life, the longest I've lived in one place is 7 years and even that was in two different flats. When we originally moved to Scotland in 2002 it was supposed to be forever. One of my favourite songs at that time was 'Look What Happened' by Less than Jake, I'm pretty sure it'll have been played on the long drive North.


Fast forward to 2008 and our 'forever' home is sold and we head off again - I remember listing to the song, laughing and saying 'this really will be the last time' but nope 5 years later we're leaving again!!


So last night we went to see Less Than Jake in Glasgow and they played 'our song', I actually felt quite emotional and then when part way through the singer hollers 'SCOTLAND' right there and then the joy of knowing I would not be leaving town again hit me - for the first time in my life I want to 'walk on the cracks of the same old side walks'.


Watch this space though....I'm looking for some consultancy work at the moment and one of the companies I do work for asked me if I'd be interested in a position in Oslo for 18 months....I very jokingly mentioned it to my OH who didn't entirely dismiss it - he just got a stern look although I did say, it'd be different if it was for 3 months....LOL


Anyway if anyone wants to listen to the song, here's a YouTube link




Ironically the next song they performed was 'A boring life in a boring town'....I couldn't help but think about Perth :)

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I'm not Lady Rainicorn for no reason...


Adventure Time

C'mon grab your friends

We'll go to very distant lands

With Jake the Dog

And Finn the Human

The fun will never end

It's Adventure Time


But seriously Oslo in NOT on the cards!!!

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