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[Casual] Mystery Shopper for ESPERANCE 6450 WA at International Service Check

Guest The Pom Queen

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Guest The Pom Queen

Location: Western Australia

URL: http://www.internationalservicecheck.com




INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK , a well known mystery shopping global company, is calling you to be one of our shoppers.

If you are a resident of Australia, over 18 years of age, love shopping, have strong attention to detail, and have access to the internet, then you are a perfect candidate!

We will assign you to visit various commercial outlets to review the service received and submit an experience report. You feedback will be useful for service improvement. In addition to your fee, travel expense will be provided if you are asked to do a visit in a different city.

Interested? Please go to http://www.internationalservicecheck.com to register in our database (Please choose: Contact -> Want to become a Service Checker? in the menu).

Once you are registered you will need to complete certain certifications before you are assigned a visit.

You can also email isc-australia@internationalservicecheck.com if you have any question.



Apply to this job

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Guest guest30085

Getting paid to shop and in somewhere that's looks as beautiful as Esperance... where do I sign up :jiggy:


If only it was full time :jiggy:

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I did mystery shopping in UK for a while as part of market research. It's an interesting thing to do. Among other subjects I mystery shopped car sales garages, as a female shopping without a male to buy a new car. this was well over 20 years ago so hopefully attitudes to female car buyers has changed for the better. Funnily enough we did buy a new car from one of the garages, as I was so impressed with the way I was treated. You have to be very objective about your report, but I enjoyed it.

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