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  1. ramot

    National Multicultural Festival 2020

    I can never understand how professional cooks/chefs put so much salt in restaurant food, when it’s supposed to be so unhealthy. I find it hard to eat out these days. On the rare occasion I have watched one of these reality cooking shows, contestants have been told their food not tasty enough and should have lots more seasoning, in other words more salt.
  2. Except that there is the potential of the money not going to those who need it, Lawyers are now involved to try to redirect the money, as she tied it up to the firefighters I think to be used on equipment? Lawyers don’t come cheap. I had no idea who this woman was when she embarrassingly started shrieking on the stage. Not the best example of an Australian compere. Great that so many acts gave their time for free.
  3. ramot

    Broke my heart

    Having watched her speak this morning, she was articulate and it appears she has done all she could to try and stop her sons bullying, hopefully he had lots of reassuring cuddles after, but it does send out a strong message. There was another case reported about another young boy, who had gone out of his way on the way home to avoid the bullies and was ambushed and beaten up so badly I think one of his kidneys was split and is seriously ill in hospital. Then footage of girls kicking another girl badly. So if some good can come out of this poor boys outburst then lack of an instant cuddle might help to change this horrendous bullying culture.
  4. ramot

    Broke my heart

    Breaks my heart watching this on TV. The raw emotion shown by this poor child might just help change the unacceptable bullying culture that appears rife everywhere. Why aren’t parents and schools teaching children from day one that this behaviour is unacceptable?
  5. Marisa, you have probably just summed up why temporary long term the 410 retirement visa was stopped!!! Totally self sufficient , not entitled to anything at all, no Medicare, welfare or support services. Many after years and years of living here found the costs and lack of help as they got older and income started to become a real problem returned to UK to take advantage of all on offer there, having not really thought out the long term implications of living here with no support. Others from other countries eg Africa have found it very hard to survive, Australia is very expensive if for example you need to go into care. No idea at all how it would work if a permanent visa instead of temporary as the above. Sounds totally unrealistic to be honest. Perhaps you need to contact Peter Dutton with your ideas, because PIO isn’t going to be able to change any visas. In a few cases published about elderly people on the non contributory parent visa facing leaving due to failing their medical after years here there is a special visa that can be applied for , Can’t remember the number, but has been successfully applied for.
  6. ramot

    Never have I....

    My first experience of being in a limo I arrived in Cairns with our 9 year old daughter in 1990, to meet up with my husband who was working here. He was out on the Barrier Reef having got our arrival time wrong. Inexcusable as he was working for the airline. The airline staff said don’t worry we will arrange transport to the hotel for you. So this stretch white limo with sheepskin seats arrived to whisk us to the hotel, for free!!! I thought if this is Australia I could live here.
  7. I really question your assertion that very few migrant parents will ever claim any sort of welfare payments. Not sure if you are already in Australia? As I mentioned in another post, don’t assume all parents come from UK, and their circumstances might be very different. Will be interesting the proportion of parents that come from UK to parents from let’s say Asia, as the largest number of immigrants come from those countries now. It perhaps depends on your definition of welfare. We are by no means in need of ‘welfare’ but why shouldn’t we take advantage of what is on offer to us. We have home assist here on the Sunshine Coast, the principle being to help keep us oldies safe from taking unnecessary chances, by for instance climbing ladders, falling and therefore needing and costing Medicare We have our gutters cleaned, light bulbs changed, solar panels cleaned for very very minimal cost from $10, when we might need it gardening and other help. We have a seniors card for discounts on bills. Daft not to have one. you definitely need ambulance cover here if you aren’t covered by your state. You are covered in Qld if you pay utilities bills. We still have children and grandchildren in UK, so if we have any money left it won’t all stay in Australia.
  8. You are making an assumption that all parents would be able to afford your suggestions, we all have different incomes. Parents don’t just come from UK, they come from many countries with varying amounts of income. I don’t know if you are retired yet? It’s perhaps easy to think that your money will last indefinitely, but the reality is that the longer you are retired, life becomes more expensive, so many retirees can begin to struggle, as your income doesn’t increase in proportion. I don’t know if you picked up on my post about the cost of health insurance, but that was one of the costs that people either couldn’t afford or resented how much it increased annually, and you hear the same from everyone, about the amount it increases annually, let alone all the other bills. Then your next suggestion about a bond. The reality of the government holding a bond, what sort of amount are you suggesting? Will you get interest? People who were on the old 405 investor retirement visa had to lodge either $500,000 or $750,000 depending on the area, with $250,000 returned after 4 years. As time went on so did the reality of not being able to access a large amount of money that they started to need. The present $10,000 might not be nearly enough, so you would be tying up cash that you actually start to need to survive. After 17 years in my case on the frozen state pension, the amount is well done on what I would now be eligible for. Luckily it doesn’t affect me, but it does hurt other pensioners if your income doesn’t keep up with inflation. So to be honest I don’t think your suggestions are realistic, it’s irrelevant what other countries parent visa policies are, if you want to come to Australia on a parent visa you either accept their rules or don’t come. the government isn’t interested in individuals demands.
  9. It was the cost of health insurance that caused most people to leave. It went up 42% one year. We were paying nearly $13,000 annually not sure how much it has gone up this year, we had no choice but to pay if we wanted to stay.
  10. ramot

    Never have I....

    I lied!!!! I have pierced ears, for some reason I just thought yuck nose or goodness knows where piercings, not that anyone will care. 9/20
  11. Your idea is in some ways similar to the old totally self funded 410 retirement visa which was replaced in 2005 by the very expensive 405 investor retirement visa also now closed to New applicants. I don’t know for sure, but the rumour was that the 410 visa was being rorted, who knows? but I also have no idea why the investor 405 retirement visa was stopped. You had to leave a large amount of money with your state government pay plenty to renew every 4 years, and have a good income, and be self funded. Refundable if you left Australia or I assume when you died. Thought the government was on a winner with that one. Having been through the nightmare retrospective changes to the visa our son applied for, and our daughter going on the dreadful bridging visa D, for months I don’t believe for a moment that the government cares in the slightest. I do understand the total frustration at the what appear lies about the waiting time for visas on the official web site, but It’s your decision to apply for a visa, the government owes you nothing, take it or leave sums it up.. Fairness does not come into it. Australia doesn’t want old people, and not many countries even have a parent visa policy. The $43,000 fee has to be balanced against how much we might cost Australia as we are expensive as we age, and arriving in our latter years, we have never previously paid any taxes here to compensate for our prospective costs. We now have PR and I seem to have unexpectedly had a few problems already, so have had various free checks and treatment and that’s just since last May,
  12. ramot

    Over 60s Immigration

    Yes we were on the old 410 long term retirement visa that was stopped in 2005 for new applicants, a new very expensive 405 retirement visa was then in place, but has also been stopped for new applicants.So to the best of my knowledge no retirement visa available at all now.
  13. Always if in doubt don’t rely on anyone other than a professional irrespective of advice given with the best of intentions.
  14. Needed clarifying. Please don’t forget posters that the parent visa threads are all about supporting each other, and giving advice in a kind way. It’s a stressful emotional journey to PR.
  15. ramot

    The UK Citizen Test

    54.17% for me, guessing served me well !! Thank goodness I am too old and geriatric to have to take the Australian citizenship test when I am eligible for citizenship later this year.
  16. ramot

    Three snakes in three days

    As long as he doesn’t start going on your travels with you, even though he is photogenic, that might upset Ted.
  17. ramot

    Australia and Climate Change

    While we aren’t mentioning Locusts, we drove through miles and miles of locusts in 2010 when we were driving near Parkes NSW. It was awful and the smell of the cooked locusts on the radiator took ages to get rid of. It was quite surreal, windscreen wipers totally covered and useless.
  18. Obviously if you live in UK your pension is increased annually not sure of the percentage once you start to receive it. The increase is only frozen to overseas retirees. How ever just to make it a bit more complicated? We go back to England every year for about 3 months, we contact the pensions department with our dates, and while in England our pensions are increased to the amount they would be had we never left!!! Quite a good amount 15 years for me. Then on our return to Australia it reverts back to the frozen amount. Crazy, but we make sure we get the extra.
  19. Best get professional advice rather than assuming the above. There are ways of topping it up. As far as I know Your pension only freezes when you reach the day you become eligible to receive it, if you live overseas in some countries, which includes Australia. Or it freezes from the date you move to Australia if already in receipt. please check the above advice.
  20. ramot

    What Have You Learned Today?

    Probably shouldn’t suggest this but we put a drop of brandy once for a poorly goldfish and it worked. Don’t blame me if you try this and it dies !!!
  21. ramot

    Moving from Cairns to the UK

    Sometimes I think he does protest too much!!! Very suspicious.
  22. ramot

    Never have I....

    10 out of 20’ a balanced life
  23. ramot

    Moving back after 31 years

    I was told I was over qualified for a job England in the 1970’s. Surely it was up to me if I wanted to apply for it.
  24. ramot

    What Have You Learned Today?

    No females yet we must know it all !!!!!!
  25. ramot

    CTF - what's the solution

    I have been around probably longer than most, and seriously that’s what it used to be, I don’t think it is good banter these days.