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  1. I think it depends on your financial circumstances. It would make no sense for us to use a UK address, when we can use our Australian address for our UK bank accounts. If you hardy ever use your UK account fine, but all our income is from UK. Bank cards and statements and occasional mail reach us directly rather than involving a third party. I genuinely cannot understand why you would involve a third party unnecessarily if your home is Australia and your UK bank has no problem with an Australian address. I wonder if there would be a query from the bank, on the occasional phone call when personal questions are asked to confirm who you are with an Australian telephone no, but a UK address?
  2. Nat west and LLoyd’s, both registered with our Australian address, almost everything done on line, new cards sent here plus bank statements and occasional mail.
  3. Tennis Australia is footing the bill as far as been reported and the tennis contingent arrived on specially chartered flights, others are apparently footing the bill for their quarantine.
  4. ramot

    How best to get test??

    Will you all have finished self isolating for 14 days and have had a clear test before you drive to Heathrow for another test?
  5. We had our ceremony in November hope yours isn’t the cut price covid one that ours was!! Having said that getting citizenship felt very special. Enjoy your day
  6. Without in any way of criticising what exactly do you want to achieve? I agree that there is a false and unrealistic impression of the waiting time for the granting of the parent visas on the government website, and that it’s daft that parents have to go offshore to get their visas validated. Both of those need to change, and it’s important to keep contacting MP’s etc. However it’s the sheer number of parents wanting to live here and applying for the parent visa against the decreasing number of visas allocated that has caused the backlog. Even if the number hadn’t decreased there would still be a huge backlog. I have sadly seen similar genuine attempts over the years, to appeal for unfair treatment of potential immigrants being being totally ignored by successive governments. The government doesn’t care about individuals, yes it’s probably immoral that they are sitting on all the application fees paid, but the country doesn’t really want old people who ultimately are going to cost too much, so I think sadly it’s unlikely that there will be an increase in the number of parent visas issued. I think they thought that the 870 visa would solve the problem for many. I genuinely am not unsympathetic, my son’s front loaded visa application after studying here, should have have been instantly granted, except the then labor immigration minister decided overnight to change the rules retrospectively, causing untold misery for thousand of onshore students, who went on bridging visas for over 31/2 rears, and most were then sent home. There were marches and petitions, plenty of tv and newspaper exposure, and sadly suicides all for nothing, and many never had their application fee returned. I know I am extremely fortunate that our parent visa was granted, and I wish everyone the same outcome.
  7. ramot

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    Even I watched the last couple of hours, and I never usually watch cricket. I leave that to the cricket fanatic in the house.
  8. ramot

    Is it a good move financially?

    Ey up me duck. I had no problems in living full time near Nottingham for 10 years and 10 years part time. I did years of market research on The Nottingham streets and never felt unsafe. Sorry OP better get back to the thread.
  9. ramot

    Is it a good move financially?

    We lived in Keyworth for 10 years until we moved overseas as expats. I still spent part of the year there as all our children were in UK at boarding school or university. We retired to live in Australia.initially for a few years to have a bit of adventure, that was 18 years ago this month, and we aren’t leaving.
  10. ramot

    Is it a good move financially?

    Did you come from Nottingham?
  11. Better safe than sorry, bit more exciting than EP? no idea what that is though
  12. ramot

    Is it a good move financially?

    They have a child, not eligible for WHV unless visa conditions have changed
  13. I have experience of a. living between 2 countries I did this for nearly 10 years as an expat as our children were in school and university in UK spending time in each house in shortish trips trying to keep husband and children happy. Not to be recommended as it’s very unsettling you end up trying to please everyone and it’s a bandaid in a hard situation. It’s very unsettling as you don’t really live anywhere, torn between husband and children. Its very different going back on holiday rarely and being made a fuss of, to going back regularly, when the novelty has worn off.I was very lonely at times. b Pre covid spending approximately 3 months in Uk Have been doing this for the last 13 years as our only grandchildren are in UK, not because we are unhappy in Australia, it isn’t a cheap option, but at least easier as it’s now possible to rent short term since Airbnb started up. We do own property in UK, but it’s not worth getting good tenants to leave your property to live in it for 3’sh months and then have to find a new tenant. Financially it doesn’t make sense. Certainly doesn’t make sense either to leave a property empty for most of the year for all the obvious reasons. We originally rented an Airbnb near our family, so now book directly with the owner and negotiate a long term rent, and hire a car, it’s not a cheap thing to do when you also factor in airfares, so careful thought.needs to be given as to how long you can realistically afford to go for.
  14. ramot

    Real estate agent for Caloundra, Mooloolaba

    From the recent experience over the last few months of my son’s experience of house buying here on the coast, several agents actually sent texts informing him and also us, as we are in the area and could view, of new properties as soon as they came on the market. I thought that was a pretty good service, and the only emails weren’t general mailing lists of dozens of houses, they were house specific for him. eg area, cost and size. I contacted a couple to inform them when he had purchased and received a thank you text in return. No complaints from us on the service here locally. Obviously it makes sense to use more than one agent.
  15. ramot

    Real estate agent for Caloundra, Mooloolaba

    It’s quite normal for real estate agents locally in Caloundra, Mooloolaba, Buderim, Sippy Downs etc area to put you on a mailing list. Register with them telling them your requirements and they will regularly update you as new properties in your price range and requirements come on the market. Obviously you have to do the viewing, but it’s in their interests to sell as many properties as possible. My son has just bought an investment property locally and was kept well up to date by several real estate agents, including Ray White agents and Pam Court. If you go to any open house, you have to leave your details, and trust me they will keep in touch with you, with other houses for sale. Domain is ok if you can narrow down the selection.
  16. I wanted to post a really funny thing about talking about various household items responding to covid concerns. It would make most posters laugh as it’s in no way offensive only funny. I didn’t because I have no idea what can no longer be posted if it mentions covid in any context
  17. ramot

    Pension remittance from UK

    That was precisely the point I was making in a previous post. A good exchange rate means more money received, makes sense to me. It’s very easy and takes no time to transfer money from UK bank using Transferwise, to receive it sometimes on the same day in your Australian bank account.
  18. ramot

    Pension remittance from UK

    Probably depends on how much you transfer monthly as to whether you don’t mind getting the best rate exchange rate or not. when your only source of income is from UK.then every penny counts, and is better in my pocket, because I get the best exchange rate with no hassle by using Transferwise. Obviously different circumstances if you no longer have a UK bank account.
  19. ramot

    Pension remittance from UK

    We have used Transferwise for the transfer of income from the UK for many years. We have never had a problem with them and the money is usually in the bank the next day. However we only do a direct transfer as or when needed, so can’t give you advice about the different rates on offer. best you contact Transferwise direct.
  20. ramot

    Introduction of Covid PCR Tests

    Do you have to have lived in Australia for 10 years as PR to be eligible for a health benefits card? and is it for just based on your personal income or combined with your partner?
  21. Sorry I was trying to edit my post, I slightly misread the post. 864 visa granted eligible for Medicare
  22. Reference the 864. visa applicants and Medicare If you apply for the 864 visa while on either the 405 or the 410 retirement visa you are not entitled to Medicare but must maintain your private health cover. Those were the conditions in place when we applied for the 864 visa from the 410 visa
  23. ramot

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    Used to call October suicide month in Zambia waiting for the rains to start.