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Hi All :)


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Hi all just wanted to introduce myself and thank you all for all the hints and tips i've gained from the site!

I'm going to be flying to Brisbane mid march on my own, just in the process of finding a flight from London that has a flexible return date. (If you all have any good info for airlines etc would be much appreciated!)

My plan is to just book a hostel for a week somewhere in Brisbane and just go from there.

If anyone is in the same boat feel free to give me a shout :)

Also if anyone has any tips or must do's/dont's for the trip that would also be greatly appreciated!


Thanks again!


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sometimes getting a 1 way is cheaper, see if you can get a 1 way to a city in Aisa, then use air aisa or somebody to get your to the Gold coast (AA dont fly to Brisbane but its only an hour drive/train)



I know Qatuar to opened ended returns, but you may have to call them. Same goes for many other airlines, as they wont have the "option ended return" features on their websites.

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I believe that most airline tickets are open ended for one year, by that I mean the ticket is valid for one year but at the time of booking you still need to nominate a return flight, it's just that it can be changed, a small fee may be involved, depends on the airline and ticket type. If you want to change your outbound flight then this is classed as a cancellation and re-booking, a costly exercise normally.

Are you planning on staying around Brisbane? if you can give more details of what you are wanting to do then more specific advise can be given from the people on this forum.

Cheers and good luck

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Hey everyone thanks for the replies :) apologies for the delay in response!

I ended up getting a flight with Qatar with a return just under a year later but i'm sure it's flexible over a couple month period, hopefully i won't need it!

I arrive march 19th so if anybody else is going to be in Brisbane around that time give me a shout! :)

Currently looking at hostels to stay at for a while hopefully meet a few people and go from there maybe check out airbnb a few weeks in (thanks Tingtongman!)

Bunk Backpackers in fortitude valley looks to be the best one i have seen even though it is on the expensive end, if anyone else has any recommendations that would be much appreciated!

what's the job market like around that end seem to be like at the moment? not fussed in what area willing to try almost anything preferably something to go towards a second year visa though.


Thanks again everyone, hope you're all having a great time!

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Thanks tingtongman i may just have to relocate if i struggle. I know somebody who works in recruitment over there may be able to get me some work in the mines, but not a guarantee!

i have been looking into travel insurance seems like a bit of a rip off/waste of money (famous last words.) i'm aware you can join medicare if you're from the uk not sure what it does and doesn't cover though. Is it just medicare that you have tingtongman? i'm torn between travel insurance and a decent pair of headphones to travel with, sensible me knows the right choice but the devil on my shoulder wants some dt770's haha.

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