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Guest dave&jancook

will my son have to resit gcses?

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Hello Nurse Sue

We will be in the same situation as yourself when we get to Oz. Our daughter is currently in UK year 10 and will finish her GSCE's May 2009, and we hope to be in Oz by July 2009 (she would have just turned 16). Am interested to know how you got on with the school regarding your sons credits for year 12. We are moving to Victoria and wondering if this would be different. Hope you got things sorted.






I think you will be fine - if your daughter has not turned 16 before 30 April she would be in year 10 as a matter of course when you arrive in July. If she turns 16 before 30 April she will still be young enough to be in year 10, she will just potentially be one of the eldest in the year. The important thing is to try and get her in so that she has the full two years for 11 & 12 - (school year starts end of January here remember). Dont think of it as "repeating" "going back" or any of those other negative terms, just that she will be slotting in to the group of her age peers and that is what they call it in Aus.

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Guest Jo/Ray@westcliffRugby

Thank you again Quoll for your advice - Nurse Sue hope you and your son have got things sorted.



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