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Found 125 results

  1. How can people be so cruel, RIP little boy :hug: A 33-year-old man has been charged with murder after allegedly killing his three-year-old son by locking him in a washing machine and turning it on. Christophe Champenois, from Meaux, near Paris, allegedly stripped Bastien naked and shut him in the machine to punish him for a prank at nursery school - throwing a classmate's drawing down a toilet. He is then said to have run the cold cycle wash for a few minutes at their house, in the village of Germigny-l'Eveque. Bastien's five-year-old sister, Maud, told Alice's husband that it was not the first time the boy's father had put him in the washing machine as punishment. Neighbours told the newspaper that the boy had been repeatedly abused - by being locked up for hours in a cupboard and also by being left on a window sill for hours wrapped in a blanket.
  2. So, I've read a similar thread starter to this several times. Like it says on the tin, my 16 yr old son refuses to come and says he has arranged to live with his 15 year old girlfriend and her family we leave. My god I am in pieces. He left school this year and has spent more time with them than with us since then. He is at college and has no job or means of income. To be honest, he never has been that keen, but we got his visa anyway and crossed our fingers. Now our dream is in ruins because there is no way on earth I can even consider leaving my child here on his own. We have family here, but we aren't close emotionally (albeit geographically quite close). Today I had the conversation that I have been putting off for a while now. I've been trying to avoid backing him into a corner where he would actually say "NO" and then feel that he can't back down. I wanted to leave him room to manouvre and change his mind without having to admit to it. He sat there trying to be all hard and said "well you are the ones who are f..ing off over the over side of the world and leaving me on my own" he sounded so lost and young. I told him that I had never thought it would come to this. I always thought he would come. It never occurred to me that he wouldn't. We have another son of 14 who is keen and had hoped to get over before January so he could start his final years of school over in WA. Well that's not going to happen is it? So three of us do want to go and the other one is stamping his feet. Ok, why should he have to do something he doesn't want to? But why the hell should we have to give up our hopes? Dammit, he hasn't even given it a chance. We wanted to do this for their flippin benefit as well as ours. Why wont he try it for a few months and see if he might actually like it? So now we've sort of decided that if we do get a buyer we will sell our house and downsize to a smaller one, maybe a fixer upper and free off much of our capital, so that when we are in a position to leave we wont have to wait for a buyer again. When second son finishes his high school education in two years we will look at it again and see what position number one Son is in. By then he will be nearly 19. Still not old enough to be left alone but maybe not so much of a child and he may have grown a little by then and have come to the same conclusions that we have about the prospects in England versus Aus. If not - well, he will be an adult and will have to make his own decision and still have another couple of years before the five are up.
  3. Hi all! Firstly i am new to this site and not sure how everything works yet, but here goes! I have joined this site as my partner and i decided we would love to make the move to australia. We are both mid 20's, i am studying nursing while my partner is in construction management. My partners little sister has recently gained residency in queensland and his parents are now planning to move over permanently also :shocked: My partner has informed me that an employer would sponser him for the move. We have 3 children, 9,5,4. I had my heart set on it all until through looking for info on visas i found this site and came across medical requirements for visa. This is where the nightmare (literally) started for me. My 9yr old has a diagnosis of ASD. After reading through posts/threads i realised it may be virtually impossible to gain a permanent visa with this diagnosis. Since he was diagnosed (aged 4) he has astonished health professionals by since gaining full speech (were told he would never speak) and understanding of language, he has no repetative tendancies, joins his mainstream class everyday as he asks to do so, is highly sociable, needs no assistance to self care, does not and never has been on any medication and has no physical difficulties. I am looking into migration experts but due to the anxiety and stress of learning about this i have made this my first port of call before i drown my sorrows with bottle of wine! Any advice/experience or information would be greatly appreciated. i am clinging onto any hope i have left. Thanks, Suz
  4. Hi All, We are in a big quandry; husband has been offered a job with great prospects in Sydney. As we lived and worked throughout Europe for 5 years in the latter 90's (pre-kids) only returning to UK on an absolutely need to basis, we are probably better prepared than most to take the plunge. Other half could go out to Sydney as early as January with me and the children following on after 3 month probation period expired/passed. But we have only one big reservation, educating our kids in Australia; our daughter secured a place and is in her 2nd yr at King Edwards Grammar School in Birmingham and she is really flying there; if we stay in the UK we are going to have our lad tutored as he shows an aptitude and an interest to get into the KE Boys Grammar, although competition is massively fierce for boys. We have absolutely no idea about the Australian education system, but have found elsewhere on this forum stories about bright or gifted kids (they all are!) not being able to fulfill their potential when they have moved to into the Oz system which has really made us think twice about the move - having had to scrape ice off the car this morning, this is not good! Obviously you can find negativity about anything on the internet however wonderful it is to the majority, but we would really appreciate anyone who can share their experiences with us, particularly those who have forfeited their children's hard-fought Grammar School places to move to Oz. Unfortunately, whilst the job on offer is good, it is not at the level we can pay AU$20,000 per annum per child for private education; at a stretch we could do $5,000 per annum as long as the LAFH allowance stays! We have identified French Forest / St Ives as potential suburbs to live in if anyone can comment on the schools in these areas. Many thanks in advance for any guidance / reassurance! :hug:
  5. sami

    Which Visa for my son?

    Hi, we are here under a 457 visa and have another 8 months to go until we can apply for a 856 PR with our sponsors. Our son has just finished Uni (has done whole degree here) and unless he gets his own visa to go out into the workforce, he will have to study another semester at least or more...to be considered our dependent. It´s too expensive to pay for another course as well, but he also wants to stand on his own 2 feet! Looking through DIAC site and doing the visa wizard, the best visa would be Skilled Independent 175 or 885. BUT, reading through the "this visa is for" and "you must be/have" stuff, none of the 2 mention 457 visa. Has anyone who has studied In Oz applied for a skilled visa and which? How long do they take to be granted? In general how much do immigration agents charges to take care of the visa process? He has done a double degree- Bachelor Computer Science and Games Technology Thanks for your help.
  6. We have been assigned a case officer but she is asking for my OH's son to be sent for a medical even though he is over 18 years old and not emigrating with us. Has anyone else heard of this? My OH is divorced from his children's mother and this could prove difficult if they insist on a medical being done for him. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.
  7. I'm sorry but she needs hanging:mad::mad: That poor child:cry: http://tools.cairns.com.au//feeds/feed-story.php?news_id=48302471 Ashley Jessup, 24, was indicted in Columbus on Thursday on two counts of rape, one count of child endangerment and one count of pandering sexually-oriented material involving a minor. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien says the rape charge could land her life in prison. O'Brien told The Columbus Dispatch that Jessup emailed the videos to her boyfriend in Battle Creek, Michigan, where his ex-girlfriend discovered them and contacted police. Jessup is being held in the Franklin County Correctional Centre. The newspaper reported that it wasn't immediately clear who has custody of the child.
  8. Jasper Buchanan

    Son with Learning Disabilities

    Our dream is in tatters after a conversation with an agent on Friday! We have a son(18) who has had medical difficulties such as very mild cerabal palsy, incontinence and again very mild epilepsy. Medically he is now in good health. He is on a trial free of epilepsy medication as the docs think he may now be free of this. His bowels have improved greatly with natural remedies. As far as cerabal palsy goes Jordan can walk,talk, run just like any other teenager apart from having slight balance issues. We don't beleve he w I'll need any medication going forward if his epilepsy has disappeared. However Jordan also has learning disabilities which prevent him from making day to day decisions.Currently as parents we have guardianship to make any life decisions on behalf of our son. Jordan is now at mainstream college learning life & independent skills such as cooking, communication & finance. How much he learns and takes in at this stage we just need to wait and see. On the above information an agent we spoke to has said that we would be wasting our time in applying for a visa destroying our dream! Can anyone offer advice - please???????
  9. One of my girlfriends phoned me last night to tell me their 18 year old son had told them over dinner he was gay and was moving in with his boyfriend, we had all suspected he was gay, he is a smashing very good looking lad who I like very much and it did not shock me one bit. Problem is with the dad who went ballistic and almost physically attacked the lad :mad: he says he wants nothing to do with him and told him to pack his bags and get out of the house by the weekend, the lad and my friend are very upset and she is trying to explain tho here hubby that is his choice and he cannot help feeling this way but he is not listening. It would not bother me one bit if I had a son or a daughter who told me they were gay, in fact looking at some of the unhappy marriages down here I think I would prefre my daughter to have a female partner. What would you do in the situation?
  10. cartertucker

    What year will my Son be in WA?

    My Son will be in year 4 (this September~Uk) What year will he go into in WA :unsure: He should be starting school there at the beginning of the New Year/New term. Many thanks :cute:
  11. Hi to everyone, My 22 year old son wants to take his girlfriend with him if he moves to Perth in the future. He is a citizen by descent. His girlfriend is not an Oz citizen so we are not sure how she would be able to move to Oz and what sort of visa she would need? At present they are not living together. She is hoping to start college in September to train as a hairdresser. She is not a skilled worker. I would be most grateful if anyone has any information they could give me. I look forward to any replies. Much appreciated Bennyboy (Lisa):wubclub:
  12. thepallis

    Son has left for OZ.

    Just returned from Manchester airport where we, (OH, youngest son and myself) have said goodbye to our eldest son/brother who has left for Perth on a WHV. As if one year isn't enough he is aiming to do the 2nd year too. Wasn't prepared for the wave of emotions that hit us all, especially his brother who is still at home (unsure of whether to come with us when we go). He is normally as hard as a nut but not this morning. OH asked why are we all upset when we know he is going to have the time of his life. He is I'm left with a nuclear fallout in the shape of his bedroom. Oh my god, how much stuff can one person fit into a room. Anyway thats enough for now off for another cry. :em4600: I'm sure it will get easier.
  13. My son got his pr visa in september 2007. But he didn't activate it before the expiry of the initial entry date. Now he is turning 7, I want to bring him to Australia. How should I do?
  14. Hi Guys Can you please help we have recieved email from co requesting evidence for 19 year old son. He is in full time education at college have sent letters from colleges to say that also sent qualification certificates but co wants more. He is on my car insurance details as a third driver i will send the documents but what else can i send he lives at home we give him cash if he needs anything.
  15. Well we went for our medicals 28th March, took info for our son from school and medical reports from when he was diagnosed. The panel doctor suggested just sending the letter I got from his SENCO at his school as this explained how able he is to function normally and that his statement would most probably be removed if he were to stay in Uk. They now want another assessment done which is fair enough, they dont know him. The trouble is finding a specialist who can do all what they are asking up her in north east england does anyone know of any and roughly how much it costs, so I know I'm not being ripped off. Carl :confused:
  16. Troy&Kim

    My Son's permenent visa

    Hi, My son has been offered a job in Brisbane, he works in insurance. My question is, can he go out on his own as we got the permenent visa through my wife being a Nurse, were moving out in September. Can he still go on his own? I'm 99% sure he can, but thought I would asked you first before he hands his notice in. Have a good day
  17. Guest

    How Can My son join us?

    Hi, After some advice please. Our situation is as follows. I'm a nurse, OH painter decorator, currently waiting for 176 Vic SS visa, lodged early 2011. Me and hubby plus 4,6 & 16 yr old travelling on my visa. Daughter, 19, born in Queensland, has Oz passport & currently waiting for citizenship certificate to be issued, also travelling with us to Geelong, Victoria. All heading out as soon as visa issued, hoping for August-December 2011. Son is coming up 24, working full time and owns own property, works in IT as systems programmer, with 5 years job experience with same company, 6 years this May. He has usual secondary school education, and few qualifications in IT, some microsoft modules completed for certificate. How can we get him out with us, what options do we have and which is fastest route. We think we may be able to sponsor him on last remaining relative visa? Or could my 19 year old daughter with Oz visa sponsor him in any capacity. And if so, does she have to wait until she's out there or could process be started now? If we sponsor him, do we have to have been out there for certain amount of time? How long? Would really appreciate any advice on the above. Thanks:err:
  18. cartertucker

    Where can my Son hire a jetski in WA?

    We are currently in SOR.... But we are heading NOR soon, so dont mind where, just want a good company :wink:
  19. Hello friend's i have one six year old child,who facing the problem of Dyslexia (basically a learning disability), so me and my wife we both are trying to learn him by the practical way, is there any education toy's are available for our children, who help's us to make learning process easy for my son. i need suggestion on this topic. Thank’s
  20. Eera

    Is my son "British"?

    I'm trying to figure out if my son (born in QLD) is eligable for British citizenship by descent. Here's the situation: I was born in 1976, in Queensland, to an Australian mother and a British father. In 1978 we moved to the UK In 1986 I got an Australian passport In 1988 I got a British passport, dad said he "filled in a form and got one" I've never been naturalised in the UK as far as I know, my passport states I have full residency rights etc. So. Am I a citizen by descent myself, which means me son is not eligable, or does that not apply for birth prior to 1982? The passport page has a list of situations for an application for my son, the nearest being "born outside the UK to a mother naturalised to the UK" but that asks for a naturalisation certificate. They have no checklist for "born outside the UK to a mother and father born outside the UK who has got a passport through some mysterious means" Confused...
  21. hi, can someone tell me what i should do my son wants to come over to oz, i have a perment visa have looked at the website, can i sponser him?? i know i can get a working visa for a year,can he apply for sponsered visa while omn a working visa, gary
  22. Hi Fello PIO'ers just wondering when I should fill in the form to prove our son is dependant. He is 18 on Tuesday, do I do it now or should I wait until we get a CO and they request it? Not expecting to get a CO for at least another year so I am thinking I should wait as his circumstances may be different then and they may request it again. Anyone info from anyone in a similar situation would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Veronica:err:
  23. kellyjamie

    Help plz re. son not coming

    Hi can anyone help plz? my son isnt coming with us and is staying with his father, do i have to do a stat dec regarding this? i know i will have to do one for him not havin a medical as his father wont allow it but is there anywhere else i need to state this? also is there a standard form for the stat dec or do i literally type something up? thanks kelly
  24. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to ask a few bits of advice. I have been living in Australia now for 6 years on a Permanent Resident visa and I also have a Resident Return Visa which I recently used in December when the wife, son & I went and visited my folks in the UK for Christmas. After going back home I realised just how much I miss it and my wife and I are really keen to head back to the UK around September 2012. We have decided this will be a permanent move and we will not be coming back to live in Australia. I have done 6 years here and have seen it all and am pushing 40 and want to settle down and buy a house in the next couple of years and we both see that dream in the UK, not here in Australia. Anyway, from reading the forum I have got to know that my wife will need to apply before hand for a Spouse Settlement Visa then after a couple of years do her Permanent one which is okay. My only question is, what about our son? He is 6 years old and was born in Australia and has an Australian passport. What sort of visa do we need to do for him? Also would it help if he had a British passport as well? I think he is entitled to one of those as well but I'm not 100% sure. As much I am going to miss the sunshine and nice beaches, there was nothing like sitting in front of a big log fire with snow on the trees this Christmas. My wife and I were in awe and we both love cold weather over hot so we are looking forward to the big move again Cheers, Chris
  25. I need some advice, my husband comes to Perth in Feb/March and it is our intention that we follow in July. My problem is my son is in year 10 so next year he will be doing his GCSE's he has worked really hard this year and is on for A's and B's do I wait to join my husband unitl he has finished his GCSE's so instead of coming over in 2011 it will be 2012. I really don't know what to do for the best. Has anybody been in this situation who could give me some advice. Thank you Diane x