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Passport Expiry


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I am due to be moving to Aus in July and my UK passport will have 10 months left to run on it at the point of moving, so not sure whether to get it renewed prior to moving, or once we've moved.


I am concerned that if I get it renewed before I leave my visa may not transfer correctly and I've got this vision of turning up at Melbourne and being told I don't have a visa and being on the next episode of Nothing to Declare :)


Would you get the passport renewed before leaving and complete the Form 929 or move and get it renewed from Australia? If the latter, how long does it take to get renewed from Australia?


All help would be most welcomed :)

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You can get the new one now and they will transfer the balance of up to 12 months to your new one i.e. It will be a 10 and a bit year passport.


alternatively, if you wait it only took a couple of weeks to get a new one for our daughter.


It would be cheaper to renew before you go though and also avoids the issue of finding someone here to certify your photo (or maybe that's only for kids' passports if I remember rightly)

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