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  1. richselina

    Mortgage Guidance

    Hello, I'm looking for some general guidance on typically what hoops and period of time you have to wait in Australia after moving before you can apply/secure a mortgage once you're in full time employment. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks
  2. richselina

    Removal Firms UK - Australia

    Hi, I'm seeking from some guidance from PIOers that have recently moved from the UK to Australia to find out what companies were used for the removal and how the service/removal went. All comments greatly welcomed. Rich
  3. richselina

    Confused on Return Residents Visa

    Thanks for this. Yep, visa was activated a few months after the grant so we are okay with that. We've also spent about a month in Aus between the grant and now on hols and reccie trips. Do you need two years residency before Sept 2022, or is it two years from when you apply for your RRV ? So if we don't travel out of Australia until say for example Feb 2023 but have taken hols before Sept 2022 for a few weeks then we will be fine ? Thanks
  4. richselina

    Confused on Return Residents Visa

    Hi, We have PR Visas (190) which expire in Sept 2022. Unfortunately we haven't had the opportunity to move for family reasons, but will now be moving in the Spring of next year. I know in order to qualify for a RRV from the expiration of the visa you need to have two years residency as a minimum which we will have, but I'd appreciate understanding whether in the two years that qualify you are permitted to enter and leave the country on holiday, or if you need to have two years continual residency. Would appreciate any guidance on this. Thanks :)
  5. richselina

    State vs Private Schools

    Hi, Would appreciate views on people that have migrated from the UK to Australia and if you've had your child in private education in the UK you've continued this route in Australia and whether there's a major difference between state and private in Aus ? Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks, R
  6. richselina

    School Years - UK & Aus

    Hi, In the UK we take GCSE's at age 16 (Year 11) and then typically A levels at 17/18 (Year 13). Is this similar in Australia or are there just exams at the end of Year 12 ? Thanks, R
  7. richselina

    Airlie Beach to Noosa

    Hi, I'm driving from Airlie Beach to Noosa and would like a couple of overnight stays to break the journey up on the way and looking for some ideas. I had thought Hervey Bay and Yeppoon, but any better ideas would be most welcomed. Thanks so much :)
  8. richselina

    Weeks Holiday in WA

    Hi, We've been to WA before and spent a lovely week in Perth and Margaret River and want to travel back again this October and looking for somewhere different to stay. Ideally, we are looking for a beach/pool type holiday so that my wife can have a few days relaxing and I can play with my daughter if the sea/pool is warm enough. I'd appreciate any thoughts/comments on the areas we should look at (about 3 hours max drive from Perth) and any recommendations on hotels/apartments. All comments would be most appreciated, especially about the weather in late October in and around Perth. Thanks, Rich
  9. richselina

    Cheap hire cars from Brisbane to Cairns

    Hi, With RentalCars they offer an all inclusive insurance so you don't need to (although check) take out any additional insurance. All we did was take out their insurance which was an extra cost, but it was still cheaper than going direct.
  10. richselina

    Cheap hire cars from Brisbane to Cairns

    Hi, Have a look at rentalcars.com as that's who I used on a recent trip to Cairns
  11. richselina

    Port Douglas or Palm Cove

    Hi, Thanks so so much for the reply. Any recommendations on accommodation in Port Douglas. We've looked at Pool Resort but it's about 10 mins drive outside, so not sure whether we should be in the town or not?
  12. richselina

    Port Douglas or Palm Cove

    Hi, I am heading to Cairns for a week at the end of May and don't want to stay in Cairns, but am undecided on whether to stay at Palm Cove or Port Douglas. While there I want to visit the Barrier Reef, Daintree and Kuranda. All help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Rich
  13. richselina

    Holiday in Cairns

    Hi, I'm considering visiting Cairns in June, but only will have 5/6 days there and wondered if this is enough time to explore the area and see all of the main places to see/visit. Appreciate any comments along with places I should plan to see and any recommendations on places to stay - apartments/hotels. Thanks so much, Rich
  14. Makes you wonder why 'quoll' still goes on Australian forums if he/she doesn't like Australia and has no intention of going back ????
  15. richselina

    Short Term Accommodation

    Hi, We are a family of 3 and looking for some short term accommodation (no more than a month) when we arrive in a few months time. I'm wondering if there are any fellow PIOers could let me know of any accommodation that they maybe aware of or have used when they arrived. We're not looking at serviced apartments or motels, but some friendly owned apartments/B&B's etc. Thanks so much, Rich