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Working in and Down under Live Events are they Worth Going to??


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Hi Everyone,


We have our Visas and are currently looking for work, thought we would start the search before we move just to try our luck, as you never know may secure a job before we arrive in oz which would ease financial pressures


There is a Down under live event on this weekend in Birmingham and a Working in Event in Manchester in March.

I was just wandering if anyone has been to either event and if they are worth going to?


I have pretty much sort'ed everything apart from work so im really looking at the event from an employment perspective.



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Those events are mostly an opportunity to sell services - migration agents, removal companies and the likes. I am sure it'd be easy enough to find out who is attending and then contact any relevant companies directly with your CV.


If it's close by though and isn't going to cost much it might be worth a day out - I got my job in Perth at an expo in London!

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I was talking to a couple recently over on a reccie and they were telling me the salaries and the availability of jobs that they were quoted at a migration expo and in my experience of the Adelaide job market they were very inaccurate. So I would say be cautious with the information and do your own research and ask someone who actually lives in that State and has a realistic view of the current job situation and salaries.

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I am Rekha chaudhary

me and my husband arrived here before 2 day my we are in student visa my husband with me as spouse and my visa subclass is 573 in bachelor of early childhood in Usq

so i just want to know that what is work limitation for my husband in my primary course and core course.so can you give me full of information about work limitation .my husband's work limitation code is 8104. we are in Australia (Queensland)



we are waiting for reply

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