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  1. I would disagree. A CV is more about yourself and your past experience. There isn't enough space on there to adequately evidence why you meet the essential criteria (usually). In the cover letter you can address this specifically. Erm....that’s what I said!
  2. I wouldn't say your cover letter is more important than your CV! Obviously if you are asked to address specific criteria for a role then it is important to do that. Agree a generic cover letter is not the best way to proceed.
  3. Adelaide can be a tough job market, but it depends what you do and what you are willing to do. A lot of IT roles at the moment are defence based which require Australian Citizenship which knocks out most new arrivals. There is still work around, but there is also a lot of competition for the roles.
  4. Jessica Berry

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Often for these roles you need to be a citizen because of the nature of the work.
  5. Jessica Berry

    IT Project Manager

    Have a look on seek.com.au and use the filters to make it more specific to your roles and for Adelaide.
  6. I could type for hours on this topic! Without knowing your specific circumstances and skill set, the answer is it depends what you do, what you are willing to do, your (and whoever you are coming with) expectations, your commitment to building a new life in Adelaide/Australia, your approach and attitude to starting over and making it work etc, etc, etc.
  7. Jessica Berry

    Adelaide v Gold Coast

    Because you have already lived in Adelaide and aren't immediately drawn to returning there and are considering the Gold Coast, perhaps there is your answer. Maybe it is time to start afresh somewhere else.
  8. Jessica Berry

    Suburbs in South Australia

    Maybe have a read of my thread on Poms in Adelaide regarding your dog.... https://www.pomsinadelaide.com/topic/44365-article-on-shortage-of-pet-friendly-rentals/
  9. Double check your own car insurance. On our normal car insurance policy we pay extra for the hire car option in case our car is in an accident and is off the road then we have access to a hire car. Our policy also has the additional benefit of hire car excess cover of up to $4,000 even if you are hiring the car for your holidays. I thought it sounded too good to be true, so I rang up and double checked and yes it's all good, but you must have paid for the optional car hire criteria as part of your policy, which we have.
  10. Jessica Berry

    Finding work before you land

    In reality, this is what a lot of us do! I would suggest researching your area of work thoroughly and as mentioned above ensure savings to last 3-6 months without work. Depending on the type of work you do, even if you apply for jobs in the first few weeks, by the time you have gone through the recruitment process, medicals, police checks, refs this process can take time until you are formally offered the position. This article was in the Career One jobs supplement on 23/9/17 which mentions Queensland...
  11. Jessica Berry

    Is there anyone in Australia I can talk to?

    Is that in NSW or the UK?
  12. I have just tried to ring Moneycorp Australia to get a currency quote on the phone number on your website +61 2 8228 1490 and it says I am ringing out of office hours (I am ringing at 11.23 am!) and leave a message. I think the number appears to be an Australian number, Sydney, but it seems to be going to the UK office. We had our UK Moneycorp account closed down because we were advised we had to open an Australian account if we wanted to continue trading, but would we still be dealing with the UK and how do I get a currency quote and speak to someone in the Australia time zone?
  13. Jessica Berry

    Meet up in Adelaide

    No worries. Hopefully we can organise something once you both arrive.
  14. Jessica Berry

    Any bugbears, what just annoys you?

    People who just leave their shopping trolleys in random places in car parks because they are too lazy to walk to the proper place, which would usually take them 30 seconds to do!!