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  1. Adelaide - jobs/ housing young family

    Are you still planning on heading to Adelaide?
  2. looking for carpentry work and pay?

    If you are just at the planning/start of the process then the first step is to check if you are eligible for a visa. This may determine whereabouts you go in Australia as well due to visa restrictions. Australia is a vast country and areas are very different. Have you been to Australia before? You can go on migration sites and often they will have a 'calculator' to see if you get the points. An exhibition may be a good idea as a starter, but I wouldn't take everything they say as gospel and use it as a guide. We were told at one of these events, that we were not eligible to migrate and couldn't get the points which was completely untrue. I also met up with a couple who came over to Adelaide on a reccie who asked to meet up with me for honest advice about their job/career prospects if they moved over here. They had been advised by an 'expert' they would both earn $100k a year and have no trouble getting work, in my opinion this was completely untrue and the salaries quoted were a massive exaggeration of what they could earn.
  3. looking for carpentry work and pay?

    Whereabouts in Australia will you be moving to? Wages differ around Australia.
  4. Meet up in Adelaide

    There seems to be a few people around interested in a meet up. I have lived in Adelaide for 10 years now (I don't know where the time has gone!), but I am happy to organise a meet up and share my experiences and the ups and downs of life in Adelaide! Newbies or not so new welcome to come along. I am thinking Monday 28 August, adults only event, meeting either for morning tea/coffee/cake or lunch (or maybe both!). If you are interested send me a PM and we will see what we can organise.
  5. How did you decide on area?

    I think some people have unrealistic expectations of how long it will take to find work. If I was to return to the UK I wouldn't expect to get a job straight away, the process takes time. I would have to register with recruitment agencies, apply for jobs via the paper, internet etc, wait for the closing date, interview, reference checks etc. Obviously this isn't the case in all industries. My OH and I have recently changed jobs. I finished my previous job on Friday and started my new job on the Monday. Recruitment process involved an initial phone screen interview (this is common to try and exclude people from the shortlist often due to the volume of applications), an interview, police check, ref check. My OH secured a new job, but the process involved 2 panel interviews, police check, medical, ref checks...the process takes times. Both of these jobs were newly created jobs, so despite the doom and gloom about the Adelaide job market there are jobs out there, but it depends on what you do, what you are willing to do and what your expectations are. Have a look at one of my previous posts for more information on the time it can take to find work...
  6. How did you decide on area?

    Most people coming over to Australia won't have jobs lined up when they move over and have to compete with everyone else to secure work. The fact that your job is on an 'in demand' skills list doesn't necessarily mean it is actually in demand. That's not to say that certain skills aren't in demand, but just because you have secured a visa, it doesn't mean you are guaranteed a job.
  7. Adelaide Meet Up

    Hi Pom Queen Just wondering if this meet up is still planning on going ahead. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the update John. I guess if we have to go through the hassle of setting up a new account again, what are the benefits, compared to just setting up with another provider? Do we still receive the fee free services as PIO members?
  9. Hi John I have received an email from Moneycorp asking me to supply documents to set up a new account (see part of the email below). Is this email legit? If so, do we still receive the fee free services as PIO members? Is this an easy process to set up? I don't want to have to go through setting an account up again from scratch. How does this benefit us? Thanks In order to expand our services, earlier this year we formed a new entity, TTT Moneycorp PTY Limited, to service our Australian resident customers. From our records, we can see that you are residing in Australia. We will need to set up a new account for you by 31st July 2017 so you can continue to send and receive international payments with us. Your current moneycorp account will close on 31st July 2017 and will not be available for transactions after that date.
  10. Article in the paper today seems to still be pushing 457 visas.....
  11. This job advert is in today's Adelaide paper, The Advertiser, in their job supplement in case anyone is looking for sponsorship....
  12. saying hi to all hoping to move to aus in 2017 - 2018

    I noticed on another thread you were asking about rentals in Brisbane. Are you now planning on heading straight to Brisbane?
  13. saying hi to all hoping to move to aus in 2017 - 2018

    General admin, reception work often receives a high volume of applicants in Adelaide, often around 300 applications. Call centre work would probably be easier to gain, although part-time hours generally in office work are not as common as in the UK in my experience. As Very Stormy mentions, Adelaide has a struggling economy and often has the highest unemployment in Australia. That is not to say there isn't work around, it just depends what you do, what you are willing to do and your expectations. In regards to your husband's line of work, I know someone who has been trying to recruit a tiler for their business and has struggled, so there may be opportunities in Adelaide for him. Adelaide and Brisbane are quite different, so I guess if you are coming over on a reccie, it is a case of having a look around and deciding where you would like to live and build a new life. We like living in Adelaide and feel we have a good standard of living here, but that can take time to achieve and for things to fall into place.
  14. Thank you for taking the time to post. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and could certainly relate to some of them. Will be interesting to see what happens next for you.
  15. 457 company restructure help

    Did you follow the advice given in your previous post and make contact with a migration agent for independent advice and guidance?