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Help needed re getting bond back, signed by us and real estate.

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Hi, well I've been trawling through the internet trying to find an answer to my question. It's too early to ring fair trading in oz. Just wondered if you could help..

my OH moved out of our unit which we were in for two years, the final inspection was completed the bond release form was completed and signed by my OH and the real estate signed it to say nil deductions to be made. All good we thought, as they had been making life a little difficult, well so we thought.

the day OH moved out was the day he left oz.

So he moved out on the 23/01/13, bond form completed, but he did not get a copy, in the rush he didn't think to go to the office and get a photocopy, so the real estate took it with her.

So today the 30/01/2013 they have e mailed asking if we put a tv bracket on the wall and if we got permission for this. My question is, if they signed it to say they were happy to give the bond back in full, where do we stand? I wanted to e mail and ask for a copy of the bond release form signed by both parties and give the legislation that states they should do this. Then surely we could lodge it ourselves?? Needing help..any advice?

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