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Medical upload for 189 Visa.


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hoping someone can answer this,


when you have done your EOI for a 189 PR visa and been asked to apply for the visa and subsequently paid for the visa what is the maximum time you then have in which to carry out medical & upload the same is there a cut of time like the 60 days for paying the visa,


(husband works away for four months periods at a time)


any links or info would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there!


Once you are invited, you will be given 60 days to apply for the visa. You do not need to send in your medicals at that time, you will usually be able to send them in after you have lodged the application. The Department of Immigration has considerably changed the way that medicals are now booked and requested so make sure you are familiar with the steps for submitting the medical examination (using eMedical and getting your HAP ID) so that they are submitted appropiately once you make your application!


With regards to a "maximum time" limit, basically the date your Case Officer tells you that you need to submit them by! Generally, if you are outside of Australia you will be given 28 (or 70) days but it can be significantly shorter! I am just saying this as a warning, we would normally recommend that our clients get ready to provide all documents as soon as they can to avoid mishaps.


Good luck!


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