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  1. ayrshire2oz

    30 days till we set off on our adventure!

    Hi Jac2011 I wish you and your family all the best, we know how you are feeling as we leave on 2/9/15! Our emotions are all over the place at the moment but if we don't do it now we will immediately regret it. Good luck Michelle x
  2. Another hijacker as I have secured a job in Port Macquarie. We arrive on 2nd September landing in Brisbane for induction, then as a family of four will be moving down Port Macquarie appeals to us as we have always lived in coastal towns. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. ayrshire2oz

    Advice on buying a car

    please forgive my lack of understanding but why is a loan better than a cash sale?
  4. ayrshire2oz

    Taking medical records, is it worth the cost?

    My Wife was concerned about childhood health problems and had extensive operations when younger meaning lots of doctors files , we got around the cost issue by making a subject access request under freedom of information legislation , cost no more than ten pounds.
  5. I also work away for four months at a time and I definitely agree with what the Captain says, my personal experience are that being lonely can make you much less resilient to external pressures, can become oversensitive, question your ability, feel guilty for missing out on time with family, and just generally wish you weren't where you are. my experience on reuniting is that the minute I see my family again these feelings melt away instantly & feel "ready to take on the world"
  6. ayrshire2oz

    any document I can prepare before I submit EOI?

    complete form 80 as it is time consuming
  7. ayrshire2oz

    Registered by AHPRA at last

  8. Ahpra might offer you a bridging course with your dip he it's about 11 weeks & 12000 A$ which might be an option for you
  9. ayrshire2oz

    AHPRA after topping up from Dip HE Nursing to BSC

    You mention you have topped up, how have you found the registration process & had you applied previously as Dip HE
  10. So here's a quick update on where we are at, Applied and received 189 visa last year and now validated Applied for Ahpra and failed to meet the requirement on account of Dip HE qualification not meeting AQF 7 however we foreseen this being the case and my wife enrolled on the top up course at West of Scotland Uni completing her three modules between Sept and May. She has now sent of a fresh application yesterday so it is just a case of waiting to see how things work out this time NMC did not take long and have confirmed by mail this morning her verification has been sent (just under 3 weeks if you are wondering) Will update on here as things progress as this may interest others in same situation, especially if like us you have been caught out by last year's changes. "Are we nearly there yet"
  11. ayrshire2oz

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Hi Everyone I would appreciate your advice re: AHPRA. Last year I was refused registration due to having a Dip He in Adult Nursing (offered bridging course!). Since then I have worked hard and have just received my results giving me a BSc in health studies. The only problem is that I wont receive my graduation certificate until I graduate in November. My University will write to me to confirm my Bachelor degree and can provide a copy of my transcripts to AHPRA. Has anyone been in a similar situation? If so is this enough for AHPRA or do I need to wait until November, when I will receive my graduation certificate before I can apply? Your advice would be much appreciated Thanks
  12. ayrshire2oz


    Hi Its been a while since we posted on POI as my other half is busy studying a top up degree to meet the new criteria , she has elected to take her last two modules together meaning she will finish about may / June time, until recently we thought the degree certificate would be presented sometime between July - September but my wife has recently been told by her Uni this wont happen until graduation day in November So what I would like to know is this, has anyone on POI applied to AHPRA before receiving the grad certificate In the understanding it can be supplied immediately prior to registration , I believe the Uni will be issuing my wife a letter and transcripts will be available when she completes...would this suffice temporarily? this would be to add to an application that was made previously with her Dip HE where she received a bridging letter that expires in November , or otherwise starting afresh, any advice would be helpful, I think I know what the answer will be just hoping were wrong as this could reduce our waiting time significantly. and my comedy question!! what is the current Guestimated!! time for AHPRA processing UK top up Nursing degrees??? thanks.
  13. ayrshire2oz

    IRON course Perth

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I don't think there are any in perth qld Tasmania or northern territory, ACT health seem to do one but its one year long and the remainder are available in nsw vic and sa all varying in length from 3 months to one year and cost wise coming in around $12000 to which you would then need accommodation , flights and so on and from what I have read in some circumstances you may be required to train at several different locations not guaranteed to be next door to each other...... However we are in a similar situation to yourself and plently of other UK nurses families on this site, and have decided that topping up to degree before leaving the UK s the most cost effective approach , the Uni my wife is topping up with is the University of the west of Scotland , not cheap but not a patch on what you will spend doing bridging!! UWS has an online distance learning "Moodle" which means it can all be done from the computer wherever you are. if you decide to go down this route I would look carefully at course pricing as it will vary dependant on where you are resident in the uk , if you are in England for example you may have to pay quite high fees, I recall someone from stating university of derby as being helpful also. it depends on your own circumstances but for us this was the best option as a family. one other thing I should add for yourself and any nurses with permanent resident visa already issued is this - if you wish to obtain a student loan you might be able, for the purpose of completing a bridging programme in Australia. I believe the scheme is called FEE-HELP, all the best.
  14. Maybe it could be possible to locate a British doctor who is still registered in the uk but working down there ??
  15. ayrshire2oz

    457 visa with previous military experience

    You need to contact kentigern house jpac enquiry centre Glasgow they will provide a ta discharge.