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Quota for occupation n Victoria


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I was reading the FAQs on the Victoria state migration website and it stated there was an overall quota (I have this already) as well as the individual occupation quota for Victoria state. Does anyone know where I can find the occupation quota for Victoria state only? Need to check the quota for my occupation.


[h=3]What are quotas?[/h]The number of skilled migrants that the Victorian Government can nominate against each occupation listed on the State Nomination Occupation Lists is limited by quotas for each occupation. There is also an overall cap on the total number of applications that can be nominated by the Victorian Government each year. This limit is set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).


Many Thanks


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Maybe you could use a migration agent, if you have already looked up the sites I guess you have as much information as anyone else. Its the luck of the draw when people apply, if they are invited or not to apply for a visa and these tend to be allocated and filled very quickly and then you need to wait until the next round. At present in Melbourne jobs are more difficult to get as Victoria is facing loss of a lot of jobs in industries which flows on to the service industries. IT is going of shore all the time and the way business is done is changing so the list of occupations needed is bound to change and they tend to just change it rather than give notice of change.

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Research takes time and most of us that give advice look around for it if we do not know. However if people are not able to research then they are very silly to rely on information from a forum. Go to the horses mouth, forums are helpful but they are not the be all and end all, you need to do own research and all the information is out there. Yes migration agents are expensive, but we are all expensive we all expect to get a good living wage and this is why. However paying for a good agent can save a lot of work if one is not inclined to find out for oneself.

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I did look around the web aswell as reading quite a few different forums but no luck. I even called up few agents in Uk where some said this info is not available \ maybe available on the web and the odd couple said they can only provide this info if they were acting as my agent. I'm not too sure whether this kind of info is actually available on the net. I have sent a query to Victoria state (twice now) but still no response. It's been around 2 months since my last query.


Maybe I should have written what I did before asking the question on this forum.

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