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About your home in partner visa form 40SP


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Hi all,


I'm a software engineer with an Australian PR living in Australia. I got married recently and planning to get my wife to apply for the partner visa. In the visa forms they ask about my home. Question number 41. Type of dwelling, how many bed rooms, how many people, what's the relationship of them to you, ownership etc.

Currenlty I'm renting a room in a house. I rent a single room with a bathroom and a shared kitchen and lounge area. I use a side door to enter the house.

Will I have to move into a separate flat to apply for the visa?

Can I get my wife to apply for the visa while I'm staying at the rented room. I will definitely move to a separate place when she comes. But till then can I stay at the rented room without having any issues for the visa?

Please let me know your experience applying for the visas while renting out a room. Was it successful or did it become a problem?



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I could be wrong but I think the type of accommodation is more to do with your living arrangements/extended family, rather than do you have enough room for you and your wife. A lot of the questions on the 47sp that your wife will fill in, are centred around your extended family, their personal circumstances etc (such as Q73 about what countries have been visited in past 10 years, who she travelled with and visited).


In your supporting statement, why don't you write about your aspirations of getting somewhere to live together, how that might work, how nice it will be etc? Maybe explain a bit about your current living arrangement as well. The bullet points in the guidance document will steer you in the right direction.

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