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Different IELTS score for migration assessment and visa application


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Dear All,

Appreciate if someone can provide me with an answer. I am an External (financial) Auditor and my certified assessing authorities are CPA and ICAA. As a prerequisite both of these assessment authorities require a minimum Academic IELTS score of 7.


I have already achieved this score and ready to send my application to CPA Australia. However, I would like to take the IELTS again to possibly achieve a score of 8 (Superior English hence 20 points for immigration purpose).


Can I use two separate scores, one for evaluation now and one for my visa officer later…

I do not want to wait any longer for my evaluation process to start as I am in a hurry to start my Australian immigration application.

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Thanks and much appreciated.

Do you know if a precedence exist or this is your interpretation of the rules. Apologies to dig more, but I just want to get things right the first time as people from my profession does not have much time. I have heard that prospective application (of accountants) will not be accepted from June 2014 onwards as they are likely to be removed from nominated occupations under SOL. The occupation has been flagged by AWPA, since it was borderline in terms of their inclusion on the SOL.


Excerpt from official bookletIELTS has an academic test and general training test. Unless you are required to do otherwise by your assessing authority you only need to take general training test. You will need to provide your IELTS test result as evidence of your English language ability….

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