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  1. FP215

    Different IELTS score for migration assessment and visa application

    We used an academic test with 7's for the Skills Assessment and General Test with 8's for the main application.
  2. No IELTs is required for ACS assessments usually.
  3. FP215

    Move cube shipping

    Thanks everyone for your help!
  4. FP215

    Move cube shipping

    Hi, thanks for the post, its really helpful as we're currently considering this as an option. What size is the MoveCube you've shown? Was there any restriction in what you could/couldn't take?
  5. FP215

    Visa advice needed for ageing telecoms worker

    I've never heard of "visa sponsorship from a visa agent", I thought that the relevant visa sponsorship was usually from an employer?
  6. Unfortunately you need to prove it at time of application. As you have already suggested the best option is to withdraw and start the application again, when your father has taken an English language test and received the result. Edit: I notice that you are already discussing this with the CO, if they have suggested you withdraw I would do this, as if you are rejected you can be banned from the country for 3 years.
  7. FP215

    189 Visa Lodged Gang

    Congrats Shreya! Finally!
  8. If you're eligible why not just go for the 189/190 now, from the UK?
  9. FP215

    SOL 189 Visa Partner Points

    You have to have a positive skills assessment when submitting the EOI to claim partner points. Edit: Also have you considered sitting the IELTs test to gain extra points?
  10. FP215

    De Facto partner - would we qualify??

    Living together specifically may not be a requirement but it certainly helps. For our visa we initially provided the following defacto evidence: 16 months joint bank statements itineraries/pictures/tickets/email confirmation for 6 holidays statutory declarations 2 years of Car Insurance for both cars (with the other person a named driver) and same address listed for both. Joint Council Tax bills Bills/Letters/Statements to each of us individually but showing that we were at the same address for over a year We were then asked for further information to prove the relationship and sent through additional bank statements showing joint savings, a wedding invitation to us both, more bills/letters to us at the same address. Just wanted to give you an idea of what we were required to provide as it may help you to understand whether you can provide a similar level of evidence.
  11. Can you not get the credit amount on your card raised temporarily for this transaction by phoning the bank? I know that a few people have done that. If thats not an option you could also consider discussing with the bank whether you can pre-pay a certain amount onto the credit card, so that their risk isn't as high?
  12. FP215

    Visa validation trip....

    Thanks for the pictures and update, looks like you had a great time!
  13. FP215

    EOI Dilemma!

    Hi, Assuming you have completed your skills assessment why wouldn't you be able to get points for your skills? Or are talking about work experience points? If there is any doubt about the validity of what was included in the EOI, or if there is a doubt that you can prove what was in the EOI when it was posted, I would withdraw it and start again with the correct information. Its a lot of money to waste on mistakes and even if you take sponsorship from Victoria, if it is found that you incorrectly claimed points in your EOI and you're found to have 5 less (even if its still above threshold) the visa will likely be refused. For additional points have you included IELTS, taking the test to get superior English is often a good way to boost points. I hope this helps, I'm only speaking from experience and what I've read on these boards so I am in no way qualified but thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth.
  14. I would suspect as you're offshore you need to enter australia again within a year to activate the visa but you have 5 years from today during which you can come and go as you please, but I'm no expert so hopefully someone will come along who can help further.
  15. FP215

    189 Visa Lodged Gang

    Congrats Stevie, so pleased for you!