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187 rsms visa for a childcare worker

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This might be very annoying but I'm really wanting to move to Australia. I know this is a very rose tinted view but would there be any childcare centres in south australia, victoria or new south wales who would be willing to hire and sponsor me for a 187 rsms visa. I'm from the UK and have a 2:1 BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies degree.


Throughout my studies I had varied experiences in childcare centres, schools and special needs schools. Ive worked with children age ranging from 0-12 years in th uk and abroad (france, usa). I'm currently working in a special needs school but would love the opportunity to work in Australia. If anyone can help or advise me, really appreciate it. (SORRY FOR THE LONG ESSAY)


many thanks,

Raveena Sultan

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Hi Raveena


Try ringing or e-mailing the centres direct to see if they are interested in sponsorship. Sometimes e-mails seem to go unanswered and its much better to cold call companys but if you cant get here to do that, calling them would be your next best option. Just check the immigration website to check this profession can be sponsored and what qualifications and experience you would need.


Lots of luck

Cal x

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