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  1. raveenasultan

    life in Karratha

    Hi, I've got a job offer in a childcare centre in Karratha WA and wanted to know what its like there as I'll be living there for four years. Is it still a small town feel or is it being developed and changing everyday? I've google earthed and google imaged Karratha and from the images, Karratha still looks like a small town with a very country feel. I'd love to hear from anyone moving or currently living up there! Many thanks, Raveena Sultan
  2. Hi Millys, this sounds an interesting job role but i would love to find out more about job title. I have a UK BA (Hons) Early Childhood degree which is ACECQA recognised as Advanced diploma qualified educator. Do you have an email address i can send my CV to? ☺ looking forward to hearing from you soon Many thanks, Raveena Sultan
  3. raveenasultan

    life in Karratha

    Thank you so much Bob for all your kind advice, its much appreciated!!!!! :wubclub:
  4. raveenasultan

    life in Karratha

    Oooooooh!!!!!!! This is very exciting!!!!!! :cool: I know what a small world. Two brits flying to the other side of the world and working/living in the same area :laugh: I can't wait to meet you when you fly over and look forward to working with you too!!! :cute: xxx
  5. raveenasultan

    life in Karratha

    Hi drac that is exciting news! What childcare centre is it? Mine is embracing children stripy zebra junior education centre and accommodation was offered as part of the job. Yours should do that too I think :biggrin: keep me updated I'd love to hear your adventure! I'm flying out next week (13th March 2014)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. raveenasultan

    life in Karratha

    Lol! Nice to hear Bobj :laugh:
  7. raveenasultan

    life in Karratha

    Thank you all for positive replies! Lady Rainicorn, Melza and Bobj, I am very much looking forward to this fantastic adventure :biggrin: Not many 22 year olds get these opportunities and I'm grabbing it with both hands!!!!!!!!!! Melza, I'm not really much of a big shopper anyway lol :cute:
  8. raveenasultan

    life in Karratha

    Oh please do stacey I'd love to find out more!!!!!!
  9. raveenasultan

    life in Karratha

    Forgot to mention salary is $58000 base and I pay $300 per week for my room as its a shared rental accommodation. I skyped the daycare centre manager and she said the house is big with six rooms, three bathrooms, 2 laundry rooms, a kitchen and two living rooms. The $300 cover bills such as foxtel (dont know what that is), unlimited wifi and utility bills. But mind you theres six of us living there so rent altogether adds up to $1800-$2000 per week
  10. raveenasultan

    life in Karratha

    Hi everyone thank you for replies! Yes I'm lucky to have accommodation provided for me with the job and all staff at the workplace seem lovely. The weather will take a lot of getting used to as I'm coming from the dead of winter in the uk to blistering heat in karratha! :laugh:
  11. raveenasultan

    187 rsms visa for a childcare worker

    This might be very annoying but I'm really wanting to move to Australia. I know this is a very rose tinted view but would there be any childcare centres in south australia, victoria or new south wales who would be willing to hire and sponsor me for a 187 rsms visa. I'm from the UK and have a 2:1 BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies degree. Throughout my studies I had varied experiences in childcare centres, schools and special needs schools. Ive worked with children age ranging from 0-12 years in th uk and abroad (france, usa). I'm currently working in a special needs school but would love the opportunity to work in Australia. If anyone can help or advise me, really appreciate it. (SORRY FOR THE LONG ESSAY) many thanks, Raveena Sultan
  12. raveenasultan

    Warning - Aussies are ealry risers.

    hmmmm.....9pm bed time......love it hahaha :wink: and being up at 6am is nothing new as I get up that time for uni and work! Could definitely adjust to those times when I emigrate :cute:
  13. raveenasultan

    Question about RSMS visa

    Hi everyone, I'm a little confused on the whole Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa issue at the moment? are the Oz immigration completely getting rid of this option permanently or are they just stopping new applications being lodged temporarily? :err:
  14. raveenasultan

    Help please!!

    Hi there Louise, just wanted to welcome you to PIO! probably won't be able to help with your situation but I'm sure someone on here will come along soon :cute:
  15. raveenasultan

    6 months in and loving it

    Wonderful post to read! I'm planning on coming out there to work next year, so it's great to hear that Perth is as wonderful as I hope it is:cute:
  16. raveenasultan


    I was in New York for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, it was very beautiful to see the amount of support and love showed by everyone there that day :yes:
  17. raveenasultan

    what type of work can you do an a WHV?

    Wheeeey! thats great :cute: I normally get police checks done when i go to different work placements for uni, so getting one done for Aussie employers would be fine! Thankyou for replying :wubclub:
  18. I've been looking at going to Oz (WA specifically) on a WHV next year once i've finished my Early Childhood Studies degree. I was wondering whether I'll be able to get a job in a daycare centre? I want to get some Aussie childcare experience and look for possible sponsors (if they are willing to) to sponsor me when my WHV expires :cute: does anybody know if I can work in a daycare centre in Oz on a WHV? if anybody has worked in one on a WHV before, I'd love to hear from you :wubclub:
  19. raveenasultan

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Good to have to back Chantel! why didn't you warn me how addictive PIO is????? :wink: Yep, I'm definitely not giving up!I've decided I'm going on a WHV when I finish Uni next year and see how I go from there :cute: btw I watched your daybreak post, it was adorable! :laugh:
  20. raveenasultan

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    wheeeeey! look what I found..... http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/9870198/child-care-welcomes-foreign-workers/ http://www.theage.com.au/national/childcare-worker-shortage-looms-20110320-1c2bn.html at least there's a little hope for me! one step closer to getting to Oz...........kinda :cute:
  21. raveenasultan

    Student bar......

    I have that same problem :eek: manage to write about a paragraph at the end of a day thanks to PIO lol
  22. raveenasultan

    Is Australia ever going to be a possibility?

    you'd be the top pf my list :cute:
  23. Feeling very disheartened about the bleak prospects of me EVER living down under :sad: I know people are being honest on here as to whether or not I'll be able to emigrate to Oz but the constant "no way, not with your occupation" or "you won't find any employers" is really getting me down....kinda feel like my dream is over before it's even begun....
  24. raveenasultan


    http://www.theage.com.au/national/childcare-worker-shortage-looms-20110320-1c2bn.html :cute: i'm studying my degree in early childhood studies and this article gives me hope I'm heading in the right direction.....if this skill is still in demand in a year or two lol :laugh: