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Some alarming issues of applying from VF 475( sponsored) to visa 189


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i am new to this forum..

i have the visa type VF 475(sponsored by my brother)[ now visa type 489].

I have score of ielts 7 in all bands, acs approved (before 2012!!) as software engineer

so thinking to apply for the visa 189 now from onshore(within australia).

i have some doubt which i want to share here.


1.if i apply for the visa 189 (through EOI definitely) what will be my visa status?is it be a bridging visa?

2. And if the visa application unsuccessful(hope not for it) what will happen to the visa 489,will be remain same like before or be invalid also and i have problem then?


at present i am in Melbourne for 8 months with the visa 475.

kindly someone share view or knowledge about the issue please..

thanks in advance mates..

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thanks man for the information...

i have visa valid for more than 2 years right now..VF 475


So if i apply then there will be no problem i can still contineu as before(no bridging visa ,right?)

So if i apply for 189 and its response just in case come in 2 years(i definitely hope that not)..then can i apply for the PR from TR in normal process.?

hope you dont mind my queries in this case?

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