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Cont Parent Visa 143 and 173


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Hi all,


This just an enquiry to see if anyone has used the 143 and 173 visa for their parent(s)?


Looking at the latest info it would seem that getting a 173, then coming over to Oz and once here applying for the 143 would seem the way to go, as there is a £6,000 saving to be made, at current exchange rates. Rather than just applying for a 143 straight off!


Has anyone's parents had the misfortune of coming over on a 173 and then not being granted the 143?


Just trying to get a feel of the best route for MiL.....it will be two years before she can apply, and, I know that the visas may have changed but I just want to get a feel for what/how others parents went about it using the above visas or any others that are currently available.


I look forward to your wise words.



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