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Paying student loan off from Australia


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Hi everyone!


I've been in Australia on and off for nearly 3 years now. I've been working around 60% of the time in Australia, but changing jobs quite a bit and working as a contractor is difficult to know how long you'll be working where, I also spent 6 months working in the UK during this time, so I was paying off my student loan during that time.


Now I've got steady work over here for the coming year, I've looked into paying my student loan back. I've filled out the overseas income assessment form, and declared my earnings, but am wondering if there will be any issue if they look into my previous earnings over here? (and can they?) I've read some nightmare stories on this site this morning, it almost makes you scared of contacting SLC after a while incase it flags you up and they hit you with crazy fines. There must be some gaps in my employment from their side...


I've made a voluntary payment just now of like £250 just to pay something like what they might ask per month.


Once I send this letter off to them, does anyone have any experience of how they get into contact? Also does anyone know if they allow you to make payments monthly yourself via UK card? I'm happy to do that instead of a direct debit as I really don't like the idea they can take money directly from my account...



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