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living the dream is it possible?

bella and kyle

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Advice much appreciated


Like many it is my dream to emigrate to australia with my 8 yr old son i am a level 2 qualified florist and this seems to be on the shortage skills list only problem is i am an unemployed on the breadline single mother so I believe this will not boad well when applying for a visa so I am willing to wait until I am financially more secure as I know australia is an expensive place problem is their are no floristry jobs in england so I will have to make a career change and do something different to keep us in britain only problem Is will this spoil my chance of florist work in australia their has been a shortage for about three years now if I was financially secure I would of jumped at the chance im looking to study in britain for bookeeping or database management or even a teacher of floristry - im use to living on the breadline so could do without alot of luxuries in australia as long as my son is happy sorry about the long blog advice much appreciated

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Your current employment status won't affect your chances of being approved. They're interested in your chances of employment in Australia, not your home country. Your biggest obstacle would be scraping together the money to make the move. Setting up in a new country is expensive - it's not just air fares, it's the cost of moving your stuff, money for a rental deposit, then money to live on while you look for a job. Flats in Australia (except executive lets) are unfurnished, so you'll need to bring your furniture with you (e.g. in a Movecube) or budget to buy new when you get here.


If you're used to subsistence living, then you can probably manage all that for less than the average migrant, but it will still cost a fair bit, so you'd need to get some savings together.


One thing about the shortage skills list. I've known plenty of people come to Australia thinking there will be plenty of work in their field because it's on the list, and then struggle to find work. That's because the shortages are never Australia-wide. Also, the list relies on statistics which take time to collect - a shortage may be well and truly over, but the job will still be on the list because the statisticians haven't caught up yet. So it's really important to do your own research (on sites like seek.com.au) to see how many jobs there are in your field and what they're paying.

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