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Hi there

am getting ready to fill in online application for partner visa. I know a lot of you say wait to get police check and medicals until your co ask for them, but I was wondering is there any harm in getting them fronted up when you apply. Just trying to get paper work sorted incase I have to leave to work in oz and my fiancé isn't keen on paper work. Are they only valid for so long!

Sorry it's been so long since I applied for mine.


also I'm based in suffolk/ Essex area would you say the closest one is Brentwood for medicals.

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My CO provided a reference to give to the clinic. Without that they might not know who to send it to. The medicals and police check are not onerous on the paperwork front. You will have done the hard part already. They are only valid for 12 months so any hold up in the process and the clock is ticking and you may need to do them again.


If your fiancé really cannot sort out the police check and medicals you can probably still manage it for him from Oz. Best to do as they ask I think but someone may come on who has front-loaded and will tell you how it went.

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