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AITSL unsuitable skills assessment


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Hi there!


My name is Veronica and I'm currently living in Melbourne. I intended to apply to the skilled visa 189 as a secondary school teacher, but unfortunately I obtained an unsuccessful skills assessment: I am from Spain and apparently my Spanish degree (a 3 year full-time bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics) is recognised here as a 2 year university diploma.. I also studied a PGCE in MFL in the UK which is well recognised and accepted. So I don't meet the educational criteria which is having studies comparable to at least four years full-time (or part-time equivalent) higher education (university) level study in Australia, that results in a qualification/s comparable to the educational level of an Australian bachelor degree or higher.

The problem is, I contacted the AITSL to request advice on what further qualification I need in order for me to get a positive skills assessment, but their answer was. "AITSL is not an employment, teacher training or registration authority so does not have the right to provide study advice". I called the Victorian Institute of Teaching and they said I just need to do one more year of ANY higher education course (to complete the 4 years of uni requirement), doesn't even have to be related to education. But I want to make sure that the course I choose is going to be valid and recognised by the AITSL.


Can anyone give me advice on this? I'd really appreciate it :)


Thanks a lot,



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For ease sake, is there not a course which actually relates to your original bachelor degree? There are no requirements as to what the degree must be, but it must equivalent to THREE years ( PLUS your PGCE equalling FOUR). I know in the UK, 360 credits worth of study equates to 3 years full time study. Thus, by my reckoning, if you undertook a course in the UK worth 120 credits at bachelor level, you would make up the 3 years.


That's all I can offer I'm afraid.....

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Your PGCE has been recognised by them which is excellent as the education part is of extreme importance.


You are in Melbourne, so contact the local universities and take some units to complete one more year of education. You will find that the universities will give you invaluable advice.You could either enroll in an Australian university or if it is cheaper for you, then do the study back in your home country.


I would suggest that you do take a one year course that is related to education as it will make your skill set more attractive to employers. It could for example be in special needs, gifted and talented education or even another subject to enable you to teach more than one subject at secondary level.

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