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Australia, Jobs and Welfare


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Thought I would post this article from the Age today. It tells it all really.


Many of you ask the question about benefits/welfare in Aus.

Many of you ask about getting jobs as a teacher.


This is only one person but he will not be alone in looking for work as a teacher.


Yesterday there was an article about the degrees that people should be doing and the ones they should give the flick. Psychology got the flick big time as we are down by the head with psychologists and they keep churning them out of uni.


Surveying was the top one and there is a shortage but I guess with all the kids giving up the math for the easier options there will be shortages in anything that needs maths and science.


My son who is a maths science teacher says that parents are not encouraging their children enough in science and maths and the downside is for everyone.


Engineering has shortages again maths


My daughter is a teacher by trade but works in business why, psychology, sociology degree and they only teach her subjects in year 11 and 12 so not a lot of jobs around in teaching. Fortunately her teaching degree has helped her in business so it turned out well for her.


Just to add my friend told me yesterday of a friend of her daughters she is keeping the home fires burning why, her husband works in Human Resources and his hours have been reduced and then again down by the head with Human Resources people and firms on a downturn first thing they get rid of is the cost of hiring, they can do it themselves.

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