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Call center jobs in the GC, dodgy?


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Hi, I have seen a few call center sales type roles popping up on seek. where they pay an hourly $2x.xx + bonuses. Seems be quite a few of them saying they need 40+ people to sell travel products or solar insurance or whatever it is they sell.



Anybody have any kind of experience with these kinds of jobs. Do you get paid? are they scams?

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I've had a call centre job. Less than a day I lasted before I told the boss it was a joke and nobody would buy his product in their right mind. Having people tell you to F off all day is not fun, which is why they are always looking for people.

Pay rates I have no idea about.

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I had a couple of call centre jobs, first time in my whole career that I didn't go back after the first day. Bonuses are only usually paid if a customer does not change their mind after set cooling off period (think its a few weeks). There are in my experience unethical practices going on eg calls made to elderly, vulnerable people living in nursing homes (to sell holidays to!). My supervisor refused to delete phone no. despite customer clearly asking for this to be done. In short, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is and there is a reason why the staff turnover is so high.

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