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How to gain Australian sponsorship


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I am trying to figure out the best way to migrate to Australia. Ideally i would like to have a job before i arrive. I work as an internal auditor and have 3 years work experience and am just about to become a qualified accountant. Does anyone know the process of how to gain sponsorship and how easy this would be?



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I am not sure you understand the process.


There are a range of visas. First are permanent residence visas. Then there are state sponsored visas for people whose occupation is only on the CSOL list. Then there are company sponsored visas for occupations on the CSOL but not on any state list.


The starting point is immi.gov.au and look at both lists. If it is on the sol, then the next thing to do is see if you can pass a skills assessment - google the number next to the occupation code. However, I believe accountant is currently on the CSOL. This means you will need either state or company sponsorship. Given you are newly qualified and Oz is awash with accountants I can't see company happening.


It may be worth getting an assessment from a migration agent such as Go Matilda.

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