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Perm Residency Question


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Have been in Oz for 2.5 yrs and original 457 was ended when my sponsor made me redundant after 18 months. My wife was then sponsored and we have 8 months to go before we can apply for her company to sponsor PR. However we are concerned whether that will actually happen and have asked for my conpany to sponsor me as a back up.


Are there any other options for PR given the time we have been here ?

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Look at the SOL and CSOL for both your and your wife's jobs. I believe they're updated every July 1st.


If either of you are on the SOL list, then you can apply for a 189 visa, subject to a successful skills assessment, IELT results and EOI.


If either of you are on the CSOL list, then you will need to check whether the state(s) you want to live in need that skill (each has it's own list) and then apply much the same as the above, but indicating state sponsorship.

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