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Returning 457 visa holder and tax


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Can anyone tell me the Tax implications if I return to Australia on my second 457 visa, I have only just had my 1st 457 visa cancelled 2 weeks ago so we could claim our superannuation and lodge an early tax return which is being processed right now ( we had no intentions of coming back to Australia) but now my husbands ex boss in australa really wants him back and has made him an offer we can't refuse, but we now have to apply for another 457 visa, I have been told we can do this, but I read on here somewhere that their will be tax implications, I'm just wondering if anyone has been through this? Or would it be wise to try and stop the process of our early tax return?


Any advise greatly appreciated

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Because I don't think you are entitled to it any more ...


Best regards.


Hi Alan,


Would you be able to give us some more information on that? As far as I am aware, you can claim your super once you have been on a temporary visa that has expired or been cancelled.


I further understood that this didnt stop you applying for another visa.


Am I incorrect? I am keen to know as I am in a similar boat myself.



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