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WA Schedule 2, all closed? really anxious!

Guest kmchu

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Hi everyone,


Has anyone received an invitation to submit the 190 application for West Australia and job in schedule 2 (offlist) after Oct 28 2013? I have checked with many people and understood there's no one really received it.


Does that mean WA schedule 2 jobs are all closed/suspended?


WA stated that offshore applicants need to provide an offer letter. Yes I was lucky to have an offer and already sent it to the department. But it still doesn't help!


I'm really anxious as I have a deadline to receive the 190 ss in Feb...


Anyone has any input is appreciated

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One of our clients recently received an invitation for a Schedule 2 occupation after submitting a valid offer of employment and meeting the other WA criteria.


There's no real guarantee of acceptance though and each case is different. If you have a deadline to meet it's worth mentioning this to the processing team to see if they can expedite the decision.

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Thanks Adam!


I wrote to the Department of Training and Workforce Development and attached the offer letter as well as the employment contract in the email but it didn't work. They just replied that the invitations are issued on a weekly basis and asked me to keep waiting.


I have 2 more questions:

1) When did your client submit the EOI? Did it happen after Oct 28 2013?

2) Did your client already receive an initial contact or invitatiion before sending over the offer letter? If not, how did you make it happen?


your kindly advice is really important to me. thanks once again!

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Hi kmchu,


I can't go into any personal detail, but the client's EOI was submitted and they were invited to apply for WA state migration in late Oct (before the date in your post). The WA application was submitted and when the client received an offer of employment we updated the WA skilled migration team and received an offer of nomination the day after. Sent back the agreement and the nomination was approved along with a 190 invitation the same day.

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thanks Adam! I understood your client's EOI was submitted before Oct 28 2013 when the occupation list was changed. That is the problem - it seems EOI submitted before the date are not affected. But no anyone received invitation from WA if his/her occupation is on schedule 2 after the date!

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The occupation was on the schedule 2 (offlist) when the client was invited to apply for the WA application.


It sounds from your post that they haven't picked your EOI out yet? If this is the case and with a deadline fast approaching, I would be making a massive plea as to why it would benefit WA to nominate you (with the employer's support as well if possible) and looking at other available options.

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No my EOI was not picked yet...

Yes this is my thought too. I may ask my employer to help if neccessary.


Thank you!


How have you got on kmchu? I have been working in my ANSZCO profession in WA (since June 2011) and have a skills assessment for the WA 'Schedule 2' occupation. I submitted my EOI yesterday though am unclear whether they would invite me to apply for SS..? (I have a 12 month offer letter from my employer also).



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