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190 visa granted!!!!


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So just woke up, couldn't sleep, had an email from immi account notifying me if a status change. Turns out are visa has been granted!!! Email was sent at 23.10 Uk time! Sooooo happy!!!

Roll on November!!!!


:laugh:many many congratulations!!!!

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Congratulations - time to start getting everything organised. I have a link to a step by step guide which tells you in time periods before the move what you should be thinking about. Let me know if you want it


Could you please share it for us?

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Look it is slightly finance slanted because a bank did it but I thought it was quite good. http://movingtoaustralia.westpac.com.au/moving-to-australia. There are others around the net and a few on forums like this but I just liked the interactive timeframes on this one. There is also an app called applocation that has heaps of information on it. Happy reading!!! If you need anything more detailed just PM me.

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