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Post Grad in teaching...


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I advise you do research first into the likely availability of jobs in the subject and area of the country you would like to live in. There are many more trained primary teachers than there are jobs available in most parts of the country for example, whilst there is a shortage in some secondary subjects if you can teach the subject at the highest level.

All the best whatever you decide!

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Hi Debs,


I did my Dip Ed at La Trobe uni in Bundoora 1999.


It was easy to do.


Fill in a form (about 3 pages) and lodge it with VTAC, or whatever they are called now.


I put in 4 preferences. Monash wasn't happy with my Maths % in my Chem degree so ignored me, LaTrobe was happy, there I went!


I put it on HECS/HELP too.






But I was born and educated in Australia and didn't leave until this was complete. I wouldn't think it would be too difficult though.


What was your undergraduate degree in? What two methods will you be looking to teach?


Once those are answered I would get in contact with a few of Brisbanes universities dept of education and see what they say.

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