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Is Hours worked required for 189 visa


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Guest Ryan the wizard of oz
I do have offer letter from all my jobs, however they do not explicitly mention hours worked. Are hours required for 189 visa?





Hey Josh,


It is important that you can evidence your work experience and the amount of hours completed as most skills assessment bodies will request (full time) work experience and each body may have a different understanding for full time ie 40hrs a fortnight for Vetassess is their requirement. What occupation are you applying under? A lot of our clients provide tax documents to evidence work xp.


Kind regards

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Thank you Ryan and Ben, I am a software professional and have the 40hr stuff mentioned in my current & previous employment verification letter. However, I do not have it on jobs prior to that. Basically, I have worked with 4 companies(including current) and I do have verification letter with hours on my recent two, but not on my first two. Will this be ok? Since my initial 2 employments were based out off India - there is nothing mentioned about hours, all it states is - "was employed with us in the position of XXX from August 01,2005 to March 07, 2008"


Thank you


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Yes - for the employment to be accepted, the hours will need to be full time. If your contract or offer letter don't state then ask the business to state and cover those aspects when they provide the references which need to be extremely detailed.


If you were self employed / subcontracted then you need to show your client contracts, accounts, letters from clients and maybe references from them too showing the same. Even photo examples of your work if you're a tradie.


Most skill assessing bodies now have an add-on service option of having your employment assessed. I recommend my clients pay for this as it makes it less disputable for a case officer, and easier too! Read easier as faster, if they can tick a box they can move on. Its all about ticking off the criterion boxes!


Hope that helps



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