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Evidence 2nd year visa


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Hai guys


I have a question and maybe you can help me.


For a couple of months I have been travelling and living in Australia. In the months of October and November (6 weeks) I have been living with a couple. I've met the couple when I was travelling and we made an arrangement. For 4,5 hours a day of doing construction and landscaping work (fencing, painting, building sheds, etc) they offered me free accommodation and food. During that moment I was not really aware of the certified reference of employment form 1263 and halfway November I left the couple to travel again.


Anyway, now it has come to me that maybe I want to go for my 2nd year visa. Actually I don't know yet, but it would be convenient if those days would be signed off (you never know). I already contacted the couple and they are willing to help me. However I want and need to know what my evidence must be. Form 1263 is saying:


Other evidence of specified work may include original orcertified copies of payslips, group certificates, paymentsummaries, tax returns, employer references and an originalAustralian bank statement covering the period of declaredspecified work. Providing this evidence with this form willenable your application to be assessed more quickly.





I don't have any of these. Including my bank statement. I did not even spend money over there. However, the couple want to sign a a daily timesheet of the days and times that I have worked over there and willing to sign form 1263, but they don't have an ABN (they don't have a company or whatsoever).


Is a signed timesheet enough? And

Is an ABN a must be?


I also going to contact the immigration, but it was difficult today to get them on the phone.


Thank! :)

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It doesn't need to be paid work. I just did some voluntary work, the people I worked for signed off a time sheet which I think they must have downloaded from the visa site. I wrote a bit about what I did there and added a couple of photo's. Had it granted within 2 days. I cannot remember if they had an ABN number though. Look up the help x website. There are lots of places on that who can sign off your work if you do the time.

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the following will help.


Rent receipts that have been signed by the owners


Any receipts that you have from your time there (from supermarkets, clothes shops etc)


Money going in or out of your account (bank statements)


Did you order anything off the internet that went to there house, that can also prove you was there.


Also a referral letter will help, you would have to state exactly what type of work you was doing, I dont think painting fences counts nore does landscaping, construction does. Check the immigration website for a more detailed answer. One farm I worked at I got them to sign a referal letter stating I worked at there farm, all the days worked, what I did and how long each day was.


As I work for a contractor I go to many different farms, but this one farm I worked for around 5-6 weeks, so I got a form off them.

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