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offshore rsms 187 and mrt


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hello everybody,

i applied offshore rsms 187 on november 2013. i was in mrt because my student visa was cancelled. i applied rsms when i was in mrt. but now my course has completed and already applied rsms.

but i have got a letter from mrt to go for interview.

and i havent heard anything from immigration office.


any suggestion/advise would be greeat

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my visa was refused because of bank statement. there was a misunderstanding between me and the imigration agent.

i am in mrt now, but in this mean time i have applied for an offshore rsms 187.

but i just got the letter from mrt to come for a trial.

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so to recap you lodged an application with the MRT when your student visa was cancelled. Now you don't need a student visa because you've completed your course but are still going to the MRT? In the meantime you've applied for offshore RSMS and are on a bridging visa because of the MRT presumably?

no idea I'm afraid, just thought I'd try and clarify! What bridging visa are you on?

Maybe a migration agent would be the best way forward?

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You need to speak to a registered migration agent as after the tribunal you will likely have no visa status - apart from Bridging visa E which is basically for leaving the country.


You will likely need to leave until a decision is made on 187 or go offshore and lodge 457, I take it you have Barr from lodging any visa application onshore.

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