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I won $595 at Strawbo last night! "Which year did Corgi toy cars start?" 15 secs no phones!


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Shared it with my mate Kurt, and handily just about covered the new alternator NRMA fitted to my car on Monday night.


Second time I've won the jackpot (which reverts to about $100 or so from next week again.) It's the leveller, in a way, because, whilst I've no chance of getting a place in the quiz itself (which is free), as long as I'm in a team of one, or two, but at least I've got as good a chance as anybody of winning the jackpot. $2 entry at the end, must be a year of the 20th century.


You win $50, $30, $10 bar tabs for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, I think, plus other $10 vouchers during the night for various games - 'Heads or Tails', 'Who Am I?' etc.

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