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Another pet question


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Just arranging pets now,,,,Im pleased to say, At long last our departure is imminent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just been chatting with Jetpets and the animals go via Dubai, for a quick re-fuel stop

The girl at Jetpets tells me, that the air con stays on in the pet hold, whilst the plane is on the tarmac at Dubai

I thought everything had to be switched off whilst they were re fuelling ????

Does anyone know whether she is telling me "porkies" or not, as obviously I am concerned about the tempreture in Dubai.

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Yes, I believed there was a requirement for a minimum 'comfort' break after so many hours - our cat certainly got one....and her paperwork purportedly went missing....but that's another story!

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What is the layover/turnaround time?

I can assure you it is possible for the plane to refuel whilst the aircon is still at temp as in not exactly "on" but imagine the temp after 7plus hours flight? If turnaround is 50mins ....usual.... then there's plenty of time before it starts to creep................it is a separate entity to the rest of the aircraft............

However.............it depends on the layover time and how many "live cargo" are on the flight as to how the operation will proceed

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Thanks for all of your replies

The "turnaround time", is a 2 hour stopover, just for refuelling

Usually they have a lot of "live cargo" on board, so you would think they would keep the animals pretty cool, whilst they are on a stop over.

Im going to phone around today and get some more quotes,I dealt with a girl at Jetpets last time, who was great, the girl I dealt with this time, really did not seem as good

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