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Adding children to a 176 visa

Guest JonnyNI

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Guest JonnyNI

Hi everybody - it's been a while since I've been on here so I'll begin by saying hello again!!!


My wife and I were due to make the move out to Perth on a WA sponsored 176 this time last year but about a week before I was due to hand my notice into work we got the news that we had twins on the ay!! We decided to have the babies at home and needless to say it's been a bit of a roller coaster since.


Now that we have the babies settled (they are 5 months old) we are discussing making the move out around September of this year. Does anybody know the options we have for getting the babies a visa and costs/time-scales involved? All help would be greatly appreciated!!


Thanks in advance, Jonny

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Guest MigrateAustralia

Hi Jonny,


Congratulations on the twins! Nice to hear everything is going well there.


You need to apply for Child visas for the two of them. Processing times for UK are around 9 months and the lodgement fees are currently AU$2370 per child.


Hope this helps?


All the best.



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Guest JonnyNI

Flipping hell - is there definitely no other option? I remember considering this at the time and being told that we could bring them over on a holiday visa of some sort that was valid for a year and then change that to some other visa while we were in the country... Does this sound right?



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