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CPA Australia difficulty level


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Hello everyone,


My name is Muhammad. I am a CIMA Student and I have already cleared 11 out of 15 papers of CIMA. I am now planning to start CPA Foundation level in June 2014. I was wondering if anybody could give an insight as to how difficult CPA Australia foundation level coursework and exams are and does the material provided by CPA enough to study and pass the exam? Also can anybody share the soft copy of study material for CPA Australia.





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I need to complete nearly 4 subjects in order to get a positive assessment in order to migrate to Australia. I need to do the following subjects: 1) Accounting Theory, 2) Financial Accounting, 3) Management Accounting and 4) Business Law.I am not working, so I should be able to self study full time. Please could you answer the following questions:1) Is it possible to sit for all four exams, two in October and two in November?2) Which subject is the most difficult ?3) Which subject is the easiest?4) The amount of study time, that I would need to allocate for each subject in order to pass my exams?5) Study material which is provided ,when you register for the exam would that be sufficient? If not, please could you recommend alternative books?6) Do you get similar questions in the exams, that are given behind every chapter in the study guide or do I refer other books?I would really appreciate your response. I need some feedback so with regard to questions that I have put forth, because it would help me plan and execute my study time.

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First of all Dewi thank you so much for your response. Even I would be interested in knowing the answers of the questions that Sabrina has asked and will appreciate if anybody can answer :)


Have you or Sabrina got the answers to the questions above?

If positive could you please share the answers or PM me?!


I'm in a similar situation and would appreciate your help.


Thank you.

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