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A bit of an Odd question but...


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this could all be a bit random but i was wondering if anyone had any idea...


Im currently applying for a 186 PR (being sponsored by a hospital in Sydney) going through the online form it asks my job and if ive had a skill assessment. As a nurse you have to have your skills assessed and verified by their nursing governing body, which i have. Does anyone know if this is equal to a skill assessment that the visa mentions? I was just going to put the reference number of my approval from AHPRA but someone mentioned that they thought it wasn't enough?


thanks in advance,



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hiya, no this is my problem. My agent in Sydney didnt mention this to me and now i have AHPRA registration and was just going through the 186 visa application and came across the screen about the ANMAC skills. I have contacted them and they claim that as i am going through on the 'agreement' stream of that visa it will be okay with just the AHPRA but im a bit nervous of sending all that cash only for them to come back and say no. I have contacted the Immigration office to see if they can give me some idea. eek!

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