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Do you know any reason of rejection of 190 state sponsorship application by any state in Aus..

Abdullah Al Mamun

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Dear Reader,


If you know any known reason for rejecting an application submitted for 190 visa application while seeking state sponsorship, please do share it here. It will be useful for new applicants to make an error free application.


In my case, i have applied for SS to NSW in Dec-13. Still, no reply from NSW. I am getting fearful.





Note: while mentioning the rejection cause, please write which country was the applicant from.

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////..so in other words, for any demanding profession like Accounting/Medicine/Engineer, NSW is going to nominate all the applicants if their supporting papers are genuine...that's great...does it really matter where the applicant is coming from?? like Palestine or Bangladesh or india or South America or Europe...looking forward to your answer...:daydreaming:

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I know there are some high-risk countries. The applicants from those countries get extensive check. I read about one guy from Palestine who got invited a year ago, and still doesn't have a visa.

All other countries are treated the same, no matter if you are from Canada, USA or Europe. But I do not know if this is done by NSW, or they leave to DIBP.



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Since NSW is taking longer than 12 weeks to nominate any applicant, what if the ceiling for any occupation reached in the mean time by other applicants such as 189 or 489 and DIAC declares full cap reached, would NSW be able to nominate the applicants "State Sponsorship" even though they have received the applications before 23rd of December'13 as declared cut off time

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