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60 m3? Advice Please


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Hi, we are moving to Brisbane in February, we have been given a 60 m3 allowance. I am finding it difficult to see all our stuff as a cubic meter figure. Could someone with experience tell me if it is possible to pack the stuff from a 4 bed house with tools and bikes into 60 m3? I was hoping to bring along all my garage equipment but don't know if it's a possibility now. Compressor, Cast iron toptable saw, planer thicknesser, morticer and compound mitre saw.




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Based on a quick google search a 40 foot container is 67.7 cubic metres so that's probably what you are looking at. That's the "standard" big container that you see on the back of lorries.


We had some overspill on ours (bad estimating by shipper) but it should be adequate as we brought everything except the kitchen sink as we "had the space" according to the rep.


Shippers should come and give you a free quote so give one a shout and they should be able to give you an idea as to whether the tools can come (and the cleanliness level required) prior to shipping.


edit: we moved a 4 bed house with separate dining room and two large sofas from our conservatory.

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Abz123 sounds right, this looks like a 40ft container. As a guide contents of a typical 3 bedroom house would fit in a 20ft container, obvisouly depending on whether the house was sparsely or densely furnished and if you're bringing EVERYTHING or having a bit of a clear out first.


Does your employer specify the removal company you'll use? if so they will likely come and do an estimate of the volume so you can work out then if you need to cut back at all. If you're responsible for making the arrangements yourself make sure to point out your allowance when you have the home visits and the move consultant will be able to guide you.

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