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Police Checks/Medicals


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Hi All :biggrin:


Just wondered if people that have had police checks could tell me what is involved? How long does it take? Is it basically a CRB including the time frame or is it a lot quicker than that? Does it cost - if so how much?


Also How long do the medicals take and where do you have them done? How much does it cost?


Do children need medicals also?


What timescale can you have police checks and meds done? Can it all be done in advance of EOI or is it something that has to be done upon invitation to apply? :wacko:


Many thanks



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Medicals - http://www.immi.gov.au/Help/Locations/Pages/United-Kingdom.aspx


Yes, children on a visa application will need a medical. Prices vary depending on child's age and the level of medical required.


Contact the panel docs to find out their prices, they all vary a bit.


Police check is about 2-3 weeks. It's more detailed than a CRB.


As for when to do, depends on your visa type I'd say. They are valid for one year and if you are going to be on a slow visa ap then wait till your CO requests them. If it's one usually approved quicker, I'd guess you could get them done sooner.


Eta - here is the police check info/application form




And no, don't get either of those done before you've made an EOI, you could be throwing money away. Wait till asked by your CO (if you get that far) or when it requires it with your visa application (again, if you reach that point).

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