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2 Cat's vs 1 Cat


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Hi Bob


I think this is the right way to contact you, sorry if not and please correct me if I am wrong :wink:


Anyway, we are going to be moving to Perth within the next year and we are thinking of adding to our fury family as our current cat's sibling is now looking for a home (they're both very young so it would be beneficial to both if they were reunited).anyway my basic question is how much will it cost to ship our cat and how much more will it cost for us to take a 2nd Cat to Perth? We do not want to take her on if it is going to be costing us huge amounts more to take her to OZ with us... They are both pure bred Birman's - will be about 2 at time of travel.





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Hey Jen

Happy to help.


Try this!


1 cat flight plus crate 980, permit 275, vet check 75, quarantine 655, rabies work 150 - Total £2135

2 cats flight plus crate 1448, permits 395, vet checks 150, quarantine 1125, rabies work 300 - Total - £3118


All prices are approximate and in GBP.


Hope that helps



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