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Just wondering if anyone has experience buying a sofa/lounge suite over here.


There seems to big a big price difference between Harvey Norman, Domayne etc and places like Sofas To Go.


How much of this is genuinely down to quality and how much is down to Harvey Norman basically being a rip off place? We had our fingers burned in the UK about ten years ago shelling out for a very expensive sofa with worse build quality than something you'd but for $150 in Ikea.


If anyone can recommend a good place to buy quality stuff without paying over the odds I'd be really grateful. Melbourne and surrounding areas.


We're looking for a lounge suite, pretty modern looking in leather.



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We've had several good experiences shopping at Super Amart including a large corner sofa.


Their prices are definitely lower than Hardly Normal but, at least on the things we've bought (sofa, king bed, chest of drawers, TV stand, etc etc.) the quality has been excellent and, at least in our local store, the delivery is incredibly fast. Once they got there (with our bed) before we got home.


If you do go, don't forget to haggle. We've always got 10-25% off the listed price and/or extras thrown in for free.

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