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Sponsorship - 457 or Skillselect - help for a newbie


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Hi everyone

My first post so please be gentle...!

My hubby is on the CSOL list as Finance Manager (132211)


We are coming out to Sydney, Oz in a couple of weeks to visit friends who have already emigrated, the plan was to meet up with recruitment agencies/potential employers to find out the current job situation for his skills and likelihood of being sponsored..meet them face to face so to speak...but so far we've hit a brick wall. Recruitment agencies don't want to know unless he has a visa already..all the jobs advertised that he can do on sites such as seek.com.au say the same....so is the best plan just to research and then target a big long list of companies with a CV directly and avoid recruitment agencies altogether?


Or should we go out there, and then come back and register on Skillselect? It's massively frustrating...he is in demand according to CSOL, yet not until he has the visa it seems...any advice would be hugely appreciated please and thank you in advance...

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Welcome to PIO



Having an occupation on CSOL, does not mean that it is in demand - it means that it is eligible for Skilled migration with state nomination or employer sponsorship.


I have only had a quick look but this occupation is not available for sponsorship on the following state occupation plans NSW, ACT, WA, SA, QLD or Vic.


The only option for you would be for employer sponsorship.


Registering with Skill Select would really not be much use, as you will need employer sponsorship to move forward.

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Thanks for your quick reply and advice :)


i thought Skillselect enabled employers to find potential workers from abroad who had posted EOIs to fill jobs...at least that's what it seems to say on the immi site...? I wonder if anyone out there has had success with it??

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Welcome to the forum! - will try to be gentle!




I can't give you the answer, but I can give you a few pointers and things to consider, which will hopefully help you!!




Firstly, the Visa type....... 457 is a temporary residency visa that is tied entirely to the sponsor, so whilst it means your hubby will have secured a job first that is providing your visa, it does mean that he is restricted - if he wants to change jobs, you would have to find another sponsor first and if you can't, or just leave that job, then you have 90 days before your visa 'expires' and would either need a different visa, or leave Oz!!




So if he is on CSOL could go for a sponsored permanent visa through skillselect (maybe 186? - I can't remember all the numbers!) - which would give the security of a job and being permanent resident - but you need to find someone to sponsor you first – could take a while (not sure how long it takes if you register through skillselect?)




If he is on the SOL (don’t think finance manager is, but Accountant is, if he is qualified at all??) you could do the skilled independant 189? visa, which is permanent residency and not tied to any sponsor at all - so this one would allow you to live and work here, essentially with no restrictions at all - but he would need to try and find a job once you are here






However - the type of visa almost becomes irrelevant if you can't get a job! which leads me on to my next point.....




Keep in mind that although the occupation may be on CSOL (or SOL) and so technically 'In demand' - this does not mean there are hundreds of jobs waiting to be filled. It is a little misleading and have spoken to far too many people here with 'wanted' skills, that have been unable to find a job 3 months down the line.




There is a lot of competition in the jobs market here so it can be tough to find a job, as there are many other people applying for the same one – so without a visa it is going to be very difficult. A lot of agencies here aren't particularly interested if you are not in the country and some are still not interested when you are!! - some will just keep telling you to check the website and apply when you see a job that suits - very helpful! They aren't all like that though!!




Having said that - people do find jobs!! and some get them quicker than others.




A big thing here is the attitude of 'its not what you know, its who you know' - making a few contacts really does help! Try and do some networking when you come over for a visit (there are forums that are business related too, so get posting on there!!)




Another thing to think about is the CV - the format over here is quite different to the UK, so its really important for your hubby to do some research into resumes for specific jobs and make sure he has created an Oz friendly version!! - just have a look on some of the job sites, most have advice sections for resumes (try seek and mycareer maybe?!)




Hope that helps :-)

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Hi & welcome!


Just a brief one on the recruitment side of things: Harsh truth is that recruitment companies won't even look at your CV or contact you back unless you already have the right to work in the country/have a visa in place already. I do know how frustrating this can be!!


My girlfriend works in recruitment, and basicaly they deal with so many applications for each job (average number is 200+ she tells me) that they have to filter out the candidates that aren't qualified/suitable etc, which is very time consuming. If you don't currently have the right to work in the country, you won't even get the CV looked at unfortunately.


I had the same problems initially before I moved out here. I'd sent CVs, spec letters etc and because (at that point) I didn't have a visa in place the CVs didn't even get read.


Sorry that this probably isn't what you wanted to hear at this point. Good luck top both of you anyway!!

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