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What docs are needed for EOI/Visa application


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Hi All



Well having passed the TRA we are just waiting in limbo until the 17th August when my partner sits his IELTS test, so in the meantime I have been gathering all our defacto documents. Im just wondering if anyone out there who has submitted there application or EOI can advise me what documents will be required on top of defacto proof, Ielts proof, passports & TRA proof? I would like to start gathering up the documents now so im ready to rock if (fingers crossed) he passes the IELTs test.


Also for my defacto proof I intend to submit holiday bookings/phone bills/bank statements which are all online, are these accepted and do they need certified if I print out coloured copies?



Thanks in advance :-)

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If your original online docs are in PDF no need to print and rescan. If you colour scan original docs there is no need for certifying documents.


You will also need full birth certificates.


You don't need to provide docs with EOI just application, and you have 28 days to upload them from the individual checklist you will receive after lodging application. IELTS results take about 2 weeks to get back.

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Hi Lebourvellec


Thanks for the reply, I better dig out our birth crtificates, thats good I will have a couple of weeks to gather any info I've missed.


And yes all the bank statments/phone bills are already PDF format so that should save me a bit of time.


Just a quick question, we have went on quite a few holidays and I have only got an email booking confirmation, do you know if I printed this off in colour and scanned it would this be acceptable?



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