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shipping company packing?


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i used white and co over in uk who use another company here in oz,im wondering when they deliver i can have them take out all the big stuff and place in the room i know they are going,but as i have so many boxes and items and need a bit of time to go through it all can they come back and take any packing,boxes i dont need and if do how long do they give you. Im not sure what i will want to keep and what i want to get rid so just thought i ask your thoughts,im in a rental also for 12 months so would it be an idea to keep most for next move or will this be supplied by next moving company when we move. Shipping company said to me in uk that make sure i have them take packing away as will cost me here to get rid.

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We used John Masons in the UK, and Wridgways over here, but....


Most companys have 3 options when they deliver your stuff

1 - unpack everything and remove all packaging

2 - unpack selected items and remove that packaging

3 - Deliver your items and leave the unpacking completely up to you (no removal of packaging)


In cases 2 and 3 - they will not normally come back and remove the packaging. Some will offer that as an additional service but you will need to pay extra.


However, most companies (and me!!) would usually recommend that you allow the company to unpack all your boxes -

firstly, so that you can check everything has been received and that nothing is broken - if you accept boxes without unpacking them, you will often be accepting some of the liability if anything is broken. Make sure you check your insurance on this, as you may have a limited time to claim if things have been broken, so it may not be wise to leave the unpacking too long!


Secondly, it can be difficult to dispose of the packaging yourself. Most apartments will not have an area to leave large boxes etc, and you will usually not get away will just leaving them in the garbage room!! - So yes, you may find that you would have to pay to have them removed!!


Not sure about keeping them for the next move, but I would assume you can have similar services here that would supply boxes when you need them - so I guess a lot of this also depends on how much storage you will have in your apartment too.


Hope that helps

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We used pickfords when we moved down under and as part of their service they would return once, after delivery and collect any packaging from boxes we empited within the first few weeks of getting into our rental.


Getting rid of remaining boxes we found easy, so many people move here in WA, just put them on gumtree, people are allways looking for them. We offered 20+ boxes all flat for free, and they soon went.



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We got the packers to unpack everything breakable and whatever we needed for the year renting in a small unit.


Other boxes with other 'junk' were kept closed up. Some I didn't unpack for another year.


Fragile things like pictures and photos and platters etc were opened and checked that they were ok, then left in the box and pushed to the side for me to tape back up and store for the next move.


I also kept a dozen boxes as they were emptied.


The movers took everything else with them.

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